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Advanced software and development tools

Develop finished applications with Nordic

Nordic Semiconductor provides software for all parts of your system development, from communication stacks and application layer software to development tools for desktop, mobile and cloud. Whether you need a build environment, debugging tool or full development kit, we have a solution that will work for you. For more information about our software offerings, see this page.

We develop in-house solutions, as well as recommend other software and tools from our network of trusted third-parties.

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The nRF Connect suite

Develop and evaluate. Monitor and test

All your connectivity development needs

nRF Connect is a suite of development tools and software that encompasses all your development requirements with Nordic products. This suite of tools and software supports everything from toolchain set up, software development and loading through to mobile apps and a cloud service for evaluation, monitor and test. nRF Connect comprises of four elements:

Low-cost multiprotocol development kits

For cellular IoT and short-range

Get started quickly and easily

From evaluation to initial prototyping and beyond, our popular development kits are a low cost way to get going with wireless development. But low cost doesn’t mean we skimp on features.

We offer a diverse and comprehensive suite of versatile development kits including single board DKs, a Power Profiler Kit, USB dongles, and our sensor-packed Nordic Thingy:52 prototyping platform.

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Development software

We offer complete software solutions for short-range and cellular IoT.

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SoftDevices are high-performance protocol stacks

Nordic SoftDevices are Bluetooth protocol stacks that are pre-compiled binaries without runtime dependencies. This allows developers to design their applications interaction with the SoftDevice such that they experience predictable and reliable operation.

A stable hardware helper
In essence, a SoftDevice can be viewed similar to a hardware peripheral from a developer's point of view with clear interfaces and predictable behaviour. Because SoftDevices are complete and qualified when we deliver them, they are unaffected by the ‘develop and
compile’ cycle of application development and always remain stable.

The nRF5 SDK for nRF52 and nRF51 Series and the range of SoftDevices are designed to work together seamlessly, offering you as a developer an easy-to-use solution for building wireless applications.

Tested and proven in countless applications, Nordic SoftDevices come as part of the nRF5 Software Development Kit (nRF5 SDK) or can also be downloaded separately.

Third-party tools

Trusted partners of software and modules

We constantly review and evaluate third-party tools to see if existing tools meet the needs of our internal teams and our customers. Those that do we adopt and recommend. This includes a range of approved third-party modules based on Nordic technology.

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Development tools

Developed in-house and fully maintained

nRF Connect is a cross-platform tool that enables testing and development with Bluetooth Low Energy, while for IDEs and compilers, Nordic supports the tools you prefer to use. We also offer a range of desktop software, mobile apps, and cloud connectivity options to help your development project.

A free development environment for Nordic customers
The SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE is now available for free to all Nordic Semiconductor customers. Support for Segger Embedded Studio has been added to the latest release of the nRF5 SDK, enabling developers to get going with code examples out of the box.

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