Cloud Services

The IoT cloud services optimized for ultra-low power Nordic Semiconductor devices

nRF Cloud Services

nRF Cloud is a platform for cloud services optimized for Nordic wireless devices that offers protocol agnostic transport protocols, including CoAP, MQTT and REST. It offers out-of-the-box support for Nordic devices, whether customers have one device or thousands of devices. nRF Cloud is hosted by Nordic with 24/7 availability, maintenance and support. This is a huge advantage to have one provider for both hardware, software and cloud and one support portal.

Key features in nRF Cloud include Location Services and Firmware Over the Air Updates. Device Management and Security Services will be available soon.

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Cloud Transports

Device-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud

There are two main ways of using nRF Cloud Services: Device-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Cloud.

Device-to-Cloud: The device connects directly to nRF Cloud with a bi-directional CoAP or MQTT.

Cloud-to-Cloud: The device is provisioned to the customer's cloud and that cloud communicates to the nRF Cloud via a REST API. This is ideal for customers that already use their own cloud and provides greater flexibility and control over the device communication workflow.



All cloud-connected devices need credentials to securely connect to the cloud. Securely provisioning devices can be both complex and costly. nRF Cloud Security Services allows customers to tackle these challenges.

The Secure Identity Service provides a secure and unique identity for devices with device generated root-of-trust. It can be used to verify chip origin and authenticate devices when connecting to the customer cloud.

The Secure Provisioning Service configures devices remotely with the required credentials and custom configurations. It allows developers to securely provision assets into devices to enable secure onboarding to the cloud.

The IMEI Management Service provides customers IMEIs without needing them to acquire own TAC range from GSMA and provides IMEI management for your production lines as a service.