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Develop complete applications with Nordic

We provide developers with a wide range of tools to support all stages of development using our products.
Tools range from fully featured IDEs and compilers through sophisticated test and verification tools all the way through to mobile and cloud connectivity.

To ensure that everyone can use our tools, we make sure that all our software tools are cross-platform where it is possible.
Our desktop software supports Windows, mac OS and Linux, while all our mobile apps support iOS and Android.

Featured development tools

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Test and evaluate anywhere with the nRF Connect suite

The nRF Connect suite of tools consists of the following tools:

  • nRF Connect for Desktop
  • nRF Connect for Mobile
  • nRF Connect for Cloud

These tools allow comprehensive and sophisticated testing of Bluetooth designs in the lab and office, on the go or up into the cloud. 
They have a similar set of features and functionality, and this allows for familiarity when moving between the three tools.
nRF Connect is offered across the most widely used desktop and mobile platforms so that way you get to work in the environment you feel the at home with.

Unlimited development for free with Segger Embedded Studio
The Segger Embedded Studio IDE is now available for free to all Nordic Semiconductor customers for development on all ARM based nRF devices. Support for Segger Embedded Studio has been added to all nRF5 SDK releases since version 14.2, enabling developers to get going with code examples out of the box.

IDEs and toolchains

Use your preferred tool

Supporting multiple environments
There are many options for developers when it comes to IDEs and compilers.
We try to support you in using the option you are most comfortable with, and so provide most of our examples on a range of the most popular IDEs and toolchains.

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Test and evaluation software

Specific solutions for specific needs

From quick-start GUI solutions to command line options to build up automated test and verification systems, we have the desktop software tools to meet the most demanding of needs.
For advanced developers, the source code for most of our apps is available from the Nordic Semiconductor repository on GitHub.

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Mobile apps

Building blocks for your project

Development support for iOS and Android

Our open framework gives developers the building blocks for iOS and Android apps, saving time in the development phase.
Our range of mobile apps takes away the pain of trying to design both ends of a solution at the same time.
Everyone has a cellphone, so there is always a connectivity option to check the data is flowing as you expect.

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Development tools

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IDEs and toolchains

We support the coding environment you prefer - Use your preferred tool!

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Test and evaluation software

Test, measure and evaluate. Specific solutions for specific needs

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Mobile spps

Building blocks for your own mobile project

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Are you building a cloud solution?

Test and evaluate from anywhere

Flexible connectivity for fast development
In conjunction with the SDK, nRF Connect for Cloud provides all the building blocks needed to move data to and from a Nordic device and the cloud.
For Bluetooth-based solutions we offer several gateway options while the cellular solutions will connect directly.
Data in the cloud can be monitored, stored and viewed in the same manner as with desktop tools.

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nRF Connect for Cloud

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nRF Connect for Cloud

Test, evaluate and verify from device to the cloud

nRF Connect for Cloud is designed to take the test and evaluation setup from the desktop and lab into the cloud. 
It supports a wide range of standard and Nordic proprietary services.

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