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nPM1300 Power Management IC

Power Management IC (PMIC) with unique system management features

The nPM1300 PMIC simplifies system design by integrating essential functions required for embedded Bluetooth Low Energy designs into one small package, enabling longer run times and efficient battery charging with fewer components.

The nPM1300 is optimized for maximum efficiency and compact size, and is configurable through an I2C-compatible Two Wire Interface (TWI). This interface enables easy access and configure a range of advanced system management functions, including a two-button hard reset, battery fuel gauging, system-level watchdog, power loss warning, and recovery from failed boot. These functions are typically implemented as discrete components in Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) embedded designs, but the nPM1300 integrates them into a single, compact package, simplifying system design and reducing the number of required components.

The nPM1300 is designed to provide highly efficient power regulation for Nordic’s nRF52® and nRF53® Series, as well as the nRF54H20 advanced wireless multiprotocol Systems-on-Chip (SoC). The PMIC is also suitable for battery charging for applications based on the nRF91 Series systems-in-package (SiPs) for cellular IoT, by using the PMIC’s unregulated output to power the SiP's internal buck regulators. The nPM1300 is also suitable for use with non-Nordic host devices.

To get the information from this page in a print friendly one-page format, download the nPM1300 product brief. 

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Key features
  • 800 mA battery charger
  • Two 200 mA buck DCDC regulators
  • Two 100 mA Load switches / 50 mA LDOs
  • Hard reset for one or two buttons 
  • Fuel gauge
  • System-level watchdog and failed-boot recovery
  • Intelligent power-loss warning
  • Five GPIOs 
  • Three LED drivers
  • Controlled via I2C compatible TWI
  • USB-C compatible 

Development hardware featuring nPM1300

nPM1300 EK

The nPM1300 Evaluation Kit is the go-to development hardware for the nPM1300 PMIC. It integrates seamlessly with nPM PowerUP, a desktop app for code-free evaluation and development with the nPM1300.

nPM Fuel Gauge board

nPM Fuel Gauge board

The nPM Fuel Gauge board (nPM FG) connects to a compatible Nordic Semiconductor evaluation kit and is used for profiling batteries for use with the Nordic Fuel Gauge on compatible PMICs.