nPM Fuel Gauge board

Hardware tool to profile batteries to be used for fuel gauge

The nPM Fuel Gauge board (nPM FG) connects to a compatible Nordic Semiconductor evaluation kit. The purpose of the board is to act as a constant current sink device during battery profiling with nPM PowerUP desktop software. The battery model generated in nPM PowerUP can be used for evaluation of fuel gauge in nPM PowerUP and exported as an include file for use in any application using the Nordic Fuel Gauge algorithm.  

To use the nPM Fuel Gauge board you also need a compatible evaluation kit

Currently supported kits: 

Key features

Connector for compatible Nordic evaluation kits

Constant current sink with heat spreader

Used for profiling batteries for Fuel Gauge applications

Status indicator LEDs 


Fuel Gauge compatible PMICs

nPM1300 PMIC

Power Management IC (PMIC) with unique system management features

The nPM1300 is designed to provide highly efficient power regulation for Nordic’s nRF52® and nRF53® Series, as well as the nRF54H20 advanced wireless multiprotocol Systems-on-Chip (SoC). The PMIC is also suitable for battery charging for applications based on the nRF91 Series systems-in-package (SiPs) for cellular IoT, by using the PMIC’s unregulated output to power the SiP's internal buck regulators.

Devices using the nPM1300 and a compatible SoC or SiP also get access to the Nordic Fuel Gauge, a highly accurate, ultra-low-power way of estimating state-of-charge of rechargeable batteries.