Bluetooth LE Audio

The future of wireless audio

Bluetooth is by far the most recognized wireless standard for audio streaming, with an estimated 1.1 billion devices shipped in 2020. LE Audio and Auracast™ are expected to boost this number, with earbuds as the main contributor.

LE Audio is the next generation of Bluetooth Audio, making audio streaming over Bluetooth Low Energy possible. It enables new use cases and significantly reduces power consumption compared to Classic (BR/EDR) Audio.

Bluetooth LE Audio is developed to enhance performance in power consumption, latency, and bandwidth. LE Audio and Classic Audio standards will continue to coexist and have features that will be supported by both. LE Audio will have a wider set of features, lower power consumption, and better perceived audio quality.

Enabling new audio applications
We ship more than 1 million Bluetooth LE System-On-Chips (SoCs) every day and are the Bluetooth LE market leader. We offer complete solutions for building LE Audio products. Our nRF5340 is a powerful dual-core SoC designed to meet all requirements of LE Audio. If you are planning to build a LE Audio product or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

nRF54H Series

Sampling to selected customers now

nRF54H20 SoC

Sampling now: Revolutionary multiprotocol and multiprocessor SoC with world-leading processing power and efficiency, ample memory, record-breaking radio, and state-of-the-art security.

Choose the right SoC for your application

Bluetooth LE Audio is developed to enhance performance in power consumption, latency, and bandwidth. All of this is made possible by the availability of highly advanced SoCs.

The nRF5340’s dual-core architecture is ideal for LE Audio applications. The powerful application processor can run the demanding task of encoding or decoding the LC3 and handle the application itself. In the meantime, the Network processor will take care of Bluetooth communication. In this way, we get a better perceived audio quality while using less than half the bitrate.

Our Flagship SoC

Build to meet all Bluetooth LE Audio requirements and more

nRF5340 SoC

Dual-core Bluetooth 5.4 SoC supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, Thread and Zigbee

128 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 CPU with
1 MB Flash + 512 KB RAM
64 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 CPU with
256 KB Flash + 64 KB RAM
Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Direction Finding
Bluetooth mesh
Thread, Zigbee
Advanced security
105 °C extended operating temperature
1.7-5.5 V supply voltage range

Supported supplementary products