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Wireless is in the Nordic DNA. With two decades of experience producing ground-breaking devices for the wireless world, this is what we do. Today we offer best-in-class System-on-Chips that combine outstanding features and performance with low power consumption.

Our specialty is short-range and cellular IoT wireless solutions geared for a wireless world that demands ultra-low power usage.

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nRF52 Series vs nRF51 Series feature comparison

  nRF52 Series SoCs
nRF51 Series SoCs
Bluetooth standard Bluetooth 5
Bluetooth mesh
Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth mesh
Bluetooth 5 feature support High throughput, long rang* and high throughput broadcast N/A 
Radio performance Up to -97 dBm sensitivity at 1 Mbps
Up to -104 dBm at 125 kbps
Up to +8 dBm output power
Up to -93 dBm sensitivity
Up to +4 dBm output power
Multiprotocol support

2.4 GHz and ANT
Thread and Zigbee

2.4 GHz and ANT
NFC NFC-A type x tag**  N/A
USB  2.0  N/A
PWM  4 channel  N/A
Comparator  64-level  Low-level
Peripherals  12-bit ADC, RNG, Temp sensor, RTC 10-bit ADC, RNG, Temp sensor, RTC
Timers/Counters 32-bit 32-bit, 16-bit
CPU 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4F 16 MHz Arm Cortex-M0
On-chip memory Up to 1 MB Flash and 256 KB RAM Up to 256 KB Flash and 32 KB RAM
Hardware security AES-128
ARM CryptoCell
GPIOs Up to 48 Up to 32
Package options QFN and CSP QFN and CSP

nRF52 Series SoC

High performance multiprotocol SoC

The nRF52 Series System-on-Chip have a Cortex-M4 at their heart. Running at 64MHz, they
score 215 EEMBC Coremark® and 58 Coremark®/mA respectively -
vital to carry out demanding tasks while consuming minimal energy.

Check out the product brief and browse the nRF52 products below!

Download PDFDownload nRF52 Series SoC product brief [PDF]

Software & tools

Help for your wireless project

Develop finished applications with Nordic

Nordic provides software for all parts of your system development, from communication
stacks and application layer software to development tools for desktop, mobile and cloud.
Whether you need a build environment, debugging tool or full development kit, we have a
solution that will work for you.

  • Development Kits supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT and 2.4GHz
  • Protocol Stacks – We call these SoftDevices
  • SDKs – General purpose and for specific applications
  • Tools and Utilities to help you develop, test and verify.


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The DevZone

The ultimate Nordic knowledge base

Everyone at Nordic is committed to provide excellent technical support to all our customers.
To help us reach that goal, we provide a support system that allows us to exchange
information with you in a variety of ways.

The Nordic Developer Zone is an open forum where you may ask questions, share your
knowledge and interact with other wireless engineers all across the world.

Dedicated Nordic technical support engineers are available to answer questions in this forum,
and you are free to post private tech support tickets here.


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