SEGGER Embedded Studio Integrated Development Environment / IDE

A powerful and easy to use toolbox for developers - FREE for Nordic customers

Valuable development tools
SEGGER Embedded Studio is an easy-to-use integrated development environment with project management tools, editor and debugger supporting Arm Cortex devices. Full debug support including Real Time Terminal (RTT) output is also available.

It can be used for free with nRF5 SDK, as well as nRF Connect SDK up to version 1.9.x. Starting from nRF Connect SDK 2.0.0 the main IDE is nRF Connect for VS Code and SEGGER Embedded Studio is no longer supported.

Key Features
Windows 32/64

Flexible and cross-platform

Flexible compiler options

Flexible compiler options
Users can choose between the included Clang/LLVM or GCC C/C++ compiler options or use
third party compilers. The powerful project manager can even cope with industrial-scale
projects, making it easy to analyze and debug any system.

Cross-platform support
The environment is specifically designed to provide users with everything required for
professional embedded C programming and development, while supporting Windows,
macOS and Linux.

Recommended by Nordic

FREE for our customers

Trusted partners
Segger and Nordic have worked together for years and the Embedded Studio is used
internally by Nordic engineers. As such, if you use Segger Embedded Studio you can expect
additional training and support material

Free for Nordic customers
Segger’s Embedded Studio IDE is now available for free to all Nordic Semiconductor
customers. Support for Segger Embedded Studio has been added to the latest release of the
nRF5 SDK, enabling developers to get going with code examples out of the box.

The agreement entitles Nordic customers to use Embedded Studio with any ARM Cortex-M
based device in our nRF series of wireless SoCs without any additional charges.