nRF Connect for VS Code Integrated Development Environment / IDE

Wireless development made easy!
A modern easy to use, easy to configure and extend IDE for Nordic developers

The nRF Connect for VS Code lets you develop, build and debug applications based on the nRF Connect SDK using the Visual Studio Code Integrated Development Environment (VS Code IDE).

VS Code is a fast, cross-platform and popular IDE. Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF Connect extension pack turns VS Code into a complete IDE for developing applications for nRF91, nRF70, nRF53 and nRF52 Series devices on Windows, macOS or Linux. This includes an interface to the compiler and linker, an RTOS-aware debugger, a seamless interface to the nRF Connect SDK and a serial terminal among other useful tools. A DeviceTree viewer is also included. It visualizes the configured hardware and helps you easily navigate the DeviceTree source. Adding custom boards is made significantly simpler through the help of the Create New Board wizard.

A one-stop shop, you can spend the complete firmware development life cycle inside this environment with the help of additional extensions from Microsoft for C/C++, or others for Git and many more. With this modern development environment you will have access to both a full-blown command line interface through a built-in terminal and an intuitive graphical user interface in once place.

Everyday development workflow can be accelerated through the native support of scripting, commands and shortcuts.

The recording of the webinar Introducing nRF Connect for VS Code is now available on-demand:

Key Features 
  • nRF91, nRF70, nRF53 and nRF52 Series support 
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Seamless integration with nRF Connect SDK
  • DeviceTree Visual Editor
  • Create new board wizard
  • Command-line (CLI) and GUI Interfaces
  • Integrated serial terminal
  • Highly extendable and configurable

Devices supported

by the nRF Connect for VS Code