Careers at Nordic

Would you like to work for a world-leading company that offers you the chance to fulfil your potential and to work on leading edge products? Take your career to the next level with us!

Nordic as an employer

  • In Nordic we strive to create a safe and inspiring work environment that supports the well-being of all employees while contributing to reaching one’s full potential.
  • We have an agile organizational culture characterized by straightforward decision-making, enabled by a flat organization and mutual trust. 
  • Our rewards strategy is based on equal work receiving equal pay, regardless of cultural diversity, gender, etc. Salary levels are fair and competitive based on objective measures and adjusted according to local market expectations. 
  • It is essential for us to attract and retain a highly specialized workforce where technical competence, industry experience and market understanding are common denominators.
  • We hire diverse employees from across the world which increases our competitive edge in a challenging fight for talent. 

Our values

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"Engagement to me means winter ski trips with the team, town hall meetings with the CTO, and Taco Tuesdays in the office."

– Cole, Software Engineer, Oregon

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“Contribution to me means giving your best every moment to make lives better for yourself, your team, your organization, and our communities.”

– Sonali, HR Manager, Hyderabad

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"Knowledge to me means being able to share ideas and draw on each other’s expertise to come up with the best technical solutions."

– Marjeris, Application Engineer, Trondheim

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“Respect to me means having harmony with everyone listening to each other’s ideas and opinions without prejudice. Mutual respect paves the way to meaningful collaborations and enriching relationships.”

 – Ian Zachary, Senior Test Engineer, Alabang

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“Responsibility to me is not just about doing your duties every day, but about holding yourself accountable to deliver your best and to be a dependable co-worker.”

– Mitra, R&D Engineer, Oulu

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe the value creation is not only through serving our customers but also from holding ourselves accountable for the impact of our business on the surrounding environment and the society in which we live. Nordic Semiconductor’s vision for sustainability defines business success by integrating responsible practices into our business activities. 

Where you can find our offices

We are a Norwegian company operating globally. We have offices and employees worldwide representing research and development, sales and supply chain, in addition to support and administration.