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Would you like to work for a world-leading company that offers you the chance to fulfil your potential and to work on leading edge products? Take your career to the next level with us!

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Ready to accelerate your career at Nordic Semiconductor? Don't miss out on our exciting internships, placements, and early in career positions. Discover the perfect opportunity to develop your skills working alongside some of the world’s leading engineers.

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We are always looking for bright minds to contribute, develop and challenge us.

Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in offering student opportunities like placements, summer jobs, part-time employment and academic collaboration.

Engaging in a student opportunity with Nordic, you will have the possibility of learning new skills, working on exciting projects, and gaining insights into the semiconductor industry, thus Nordic as a company.  We offer a variety of graduate positions including Digital- and Analog Design, Test & Verification, Software Development and System Architecture. You will be a part of a team, working closely with an assigned mentor and highly skilled colleagues to develop tomorrow's technology.

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Summer jobs

We offer summer jobs in multiple of our locations around the world. You will collaborate with other student workers on relevant projects, doing research and development under the supervision of a mentor. 

We encourage you to learn by trying new things and continuously improving your skillset while acknowledging that failure is an integral part of learning. A summer job will give you relevant technical experience and the ability to develop your skills through collaborating with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. Many students continue working for Nordic in part-time employment after being engaged through a summer job.



Nordic offers 6–12 months of paid full-time placements for students. You will be part of a team working on various project-related tasks, doing research and development under the supervision of a mentor and a team lead.  You will enhance your technical skills, gain valuable industry experience, and expand your professional network before graduating. Conducting a placement at Nordic will strengthen your chances of being recruited for a graduate position at Nordic. Placement positions are usually published in Autumn.


We offer a variety of graduate positions including Digital- and Analog Design, Test & Verification, Software Development and System Architecture at our Research and Development sites worldwide. We are always looking for newly acquired academic competence that can challenge us and help us develop and innovate tomorrow's tech. You will work with our outstanding employees and quickly find your place within our flat organization where your opinion matters. As a graduate, you will complement our company culture and be a part of our incredible diverse work environment. 

Master thesis

Nordic offers opportunities for students to work on relevant research topics with both bachelor’s and master’s thesis. In our experience, combining newly acquired academic knowledge and highly skilled subject matter experts from the industry sets you up for success. 

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Nordic Developer Academy is Nordic's interactive online learning platform. It focuses on equipping developers with the technical information and the know-how to build tomorrow’s cutting-edge wireless products using Nordic Semiconductor solutions.