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Recruitment process

Applying for a new job is an important and exciting opportunity.

We know that it can be challenging and intimidating, as you are expected to present yourself, your experience and your skill set while being evaluated. It is important to remember that our aim is to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Recruitment is about selecting each other, and it is equally important for us that you get to know us. 

There are several steps in our recruitment process, make sure to check them out: 
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1. Sending your application

Your application needs to be submitted through our recruitment system. If you already have an existing profile in our system, you can apply by using the same personal details and adapting the desired information to apply for your selected position. If it is your first time applying with us, create a profile by filling in your personal details and following the steps to complete your application.  

If required, make sure to upload your CV, a short motivational letter, and educational transcripts.  

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2. Assessing your application

We assess all candidates based on the skillset and experience defined in the job advertisement. Evaluating and selecting candidates is always challenging. Sometimes there are difficult choices, as candidates often have similar qualifications and skillsets.

The screening phase might take some time, as we are fortunate to receive many applications and want to make sure we spend the time required to make a good assessment. Sometimes, we use screening tools, and your first touchpoint with us might be an invitation to complete one or several digital assignments. All applicants will hear from us after the application deadline.

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3. Invitation for an interview

First interview

We make decisions based on who we think is the best match for our team and invite qualified candidates for a first interview. You might be invited for a physical or digital interview. Most likely the interview will be held by your potential new manager, but sometimes other colleagues might also be attending. It is perfectly fine to ask the person inviting you for the interview to specify who will be attending the interview so that you can prepare accordingly. The first interview aims to get to know you as a person, your skillset and your experience, and of course for you to get to know us as your prospective new employer. 

Not successful
After the first interview you will receive feedback on the interview either in writing or by phone. Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend why you did not qualify. Even though we try to justify our reasons and give honest feedback, we also acknowledge that sometimes there are difficult choices, as candidates often have similar qualifications and skillsets.

If you are successful in the first interview, you might be asked to complete one or several assessments, such as a technical assignment, skill test, ability test or personality test. You will receive all necessary information by e-mail and are welcome to reach out to your hiring manager with any questions you might have. You will receive feedback on your assignments in the upcoming interview. Depending on the position you might experience that the second interview is a more technical interview where relevant.

Multiple interviews
The number of interviews you will have to go through depends on the position, field of expertise and position level. We encourage open dialogue throughout the recruitment process, please feel free to reach out to the hiring manager if you have any questions or concerns. We try to run time-efficient recruitment processes; however, we also want to spend enough time to ensure we both make the right decision.  

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4. Reference check

In some countries we require a reference check. When relevant, the hiring manager will contact you to ask for two or three potential references. Note that none of your references will be contacted without your consent.  

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5. Background check

In some countries we require a background check. The purpose of a background check is to ensure the quality of our recruitment process and verify and discover information relevant to the security and integrity of our operations.  Your personal data may be processed by service providers engaged by Nordic Semiconductor specifically to perform background checks. Third parties engaged by Nordic Semiconductor are subject to a duty of confidentiality. You will be asked for consent to perform the background check and the process will not be initiated without your consent.  

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6. Job offer

When you have successfully been through the required steps of the recruitment process, the hiring manager will approach you. This is when the manager will clarify expectations and confirm that we want to offer you a position with Nordic, or give you feedback on why you did not get the role. The hiring manager will also go through our Employee Value Proposition with you to explain the benefits of employment with Nordic. If you get the role, the job offer will be sent digitally for you to review and sign in our HRM system. Please feel free to reach out to the hiring manager for further clarification and to go through the offer in further detail if needed. 

Congratulations, we look forward to welcoming you to the Nordic family! 


  • How to write a good cover letter

    Writing a good cover letter can be difficult. Remember to be to the point and make it short and concise, focusing on your motivation for the position and what you can bring to the role and our company. 


    Here are some tips to excel the cover-letter:

    • Who are you?

    • What are your formal qualifications?

    • What is your area of expertise?

    • What you can bring into the role and company?

    • What is your motivation for applying?

    • What makes you different from other applicants?

    • Why should we employ you? 
  • Be yourself at the interview

    Many people find the interview setting intimidating. Remember that our motivation solely is to get to know who you are and what you will bring to the role and our company. 


    Here are some tips to excel the interview: 

    • Make sure that you know who you are meeting and their position – the receptionist will probably not know.

    • Arrive on time – rather be early than late, we have good coffee.

    • Try to relax and be yourself – easier said than done, we know.

    • Dress in whatever manner makes you feel confident.

    • No need to act over-confident – admit that you are nervous, most of us have been in your shoes. 

    • Do your homework and gather as much information about the company as you can before the interview. 

    • Prepare and write down any questions you might have before the interview – you might forget them when you are stressed.

    • Take notes during the interview – again, under stress you might forget the details that you would like to remember after the interview.

    • Try to answer any questions according to what you think is the correct answer – not according to what you believe is our expectations.

    • An interview is a two-way street – make sure that you also get the information you need to decide whether we are the right employer for you.

    • Talking about salary and expectations can be tricky – no need to bring it up if you feel awkward asking, we will bring it up anyway.
  • Send an open application

    If you find a position that motivates you – make sure to apply as soon as possible. However, if you do not find the perfect position that matches your skills and ambitions, send us an open application. Then we can reach out to you. 
  • Join Nordic as a Student

    Having relevant technical and industrial experience when you graduate can open a world of opportunities when wanting to take the first step into your professional career. Join Nordic as a student and make sure you will be challenged on relevant tasks during your studies. We will allow you to grow and develop alongside your studies.  


    Apply for one of our summer jobs or placements, and maybe you can have a part-time role in Nordic throughout your studies! We also offer the opportunity to do your master thesis with us to ensure you can work with real industry challenges and help create tomorrow’s solutions already as a student. And who knows, maybe you will also find your future employer! 

Recruitment privacy policy

Nordic Semiconductor cares about your privacy. When you apply and/or is being recruited to a position at Nordic Semiconductor, we will process your personal data. Read more about which types of personal data is being collected, the purposes of processing your personal data, and your rights regarding our processing.