Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe the value creation is not only through serving our customers but also from holding ourselves accountable for the impact of our business on the surrounding environment and the society in which we live. Nordic Semiconductor’s vision for sustainability defines business success by integrating responsible practices into our business activities.

As a Responsible Businesses Alliance (RBA) member, we fully support RBA mission and vision.

RBA    Vision:  A coalition of companies driving sustainable value for workers, the environment and business throughout the global supply chain. 
 Mission:   Members, suppliers and stakeholders collaborate to improve working and environmental conditions and business performance through   leading standards and practices.

Nordic Semiconductor engages with the employees, suppliers, customers, investors, and other relevant stakeholders on sustainability topics to ensure protection and respect human rights, the environment and the health and safety of all. As a fabless company, engagement with our suppliers is a key element for our CSR performance improvement. 

Being a UN Global Compact signatory, Nordic Semiconductor is highly committed to the Ten Principles of the UNGC and reports on human rights, workers’ rights, the environment and anti-corruption under annual communication on progress. In alignment with our commitment to UN Global Compact the ambitions for advancing sustainability, Nordic Semiconductor strives for progression of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business operations.

UN global impact un sustainable goals 

Nordic Semiconductor addresses Corporate Social Responsibility issues by defining relevant policies and incorporating them into our management systems. Through this, we endeavor that our every day work in Nordic Semiconductor reflects our high level commitments for being a responsible business in all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Nordic Semiconductor’s Policy on Corporate Social Responsibility   

Nordic's operating practices, decisions and management systems shall be guided by, and in a transparent way reflect that:

  • Nordic Semiconductor is accountable for its impact on the society and the environment
  • Nordic Semiconductor respects its stakeholder's interests.
  • Nordic Semiconductor behaves ethically and respects human rights at all times, and will not tolerate any form of forced labor or child labor in our supply chain
  • Nordic Semiconductor respects the rule of law and international norms of behavior
  • Nordic Semiconductor prohibits any retaliatory action for reporting or inquiring about alleged improper or wrongful activity

Specifically Nordic and its tier one suppliers shall comply to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) code of conduct. Nordic shall actively encourage tier 1 suppliers to require the same from their suppliers.