3rd party development products

Save time, money and get to market faster with pre-certified hardware and software development products

Pre-approved modules

Meet standards the easy way

Standards qualification and regulatory approval can be difficult and costly to navigate and
complete. Why not let someone else do the work for you? A range of module suppliers
offers qualified and certified modules based on Nordic Semiconductor technology.

Meeting wireless standards
To get a Bluetooth or other wireless product on the market, there are a range of
qualifications and approvals you will need to meet to prove that the product meets wireless

A costly process
This qualification involves both testing and paperwork, which can be relatively complex and
costly for those unfamiliar with the process. Approvals under wireless and tele regulatory
standards cannot be obtained on IC's alone, they can only be acquired for complete products
or sub-systems/modules.

3rd-party products

Take a look at what our partners have to offer

Module div image 3rd party avlang

3rd-party modules with Nordic Semiconductor technology 3rd party Bluetooth low energy modules

A range of module suppliers offer qualified and certified modules based on Nordic Semiconductor technology.

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Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth Low Energy beacon Bluetooth Low Energy beacons

Popular with Bluetooth Low Energy applications; beacons bring contextual awareness to a wide range of situations.

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Third-party options

Based on Nordic technology

Solutions based on Nordic technology

Today, many of the world’s best-known module manufacturers offer modules based on
Nordic Bluetooth Low Energy technology. These modules are available with the necessary
external circuitry and are either partly or fully qualified (with/without integrated antenna)
towards relevant wireless standards.

Your options
The products presented on this page are from 3rd party companies using Nordic IC technology, and so must be purchased through the sales networks of these companies.
Please use the external links provided to find more information on features, MoQ, sales channels and pricing.

Hardware and kits

For rapid development

There are a range of hardware products and development kits available from Nordic’s 3rd-party partners.
These kits come in a variety of formats with various features. There is almost certainly one to fit your needs.

Software and development platforms

From development to cloud hosting

Many companies now offer software products and platforms that assist in product and solution development using Nordic products.
The selection ranges from dedicated software products and software development environments to complete device management and cloud hosting solutions.

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