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Nordic Solution Partner badgeNordic Solution Partners are companies that have joined the Nordic Partner Program or have specific partnership agreement with Nordic and are therefore qualified to be listed in Nordic website. Nordic Solution partners can offer solutions (components, systems, platforms, services etc) in relation to Nordic technologies, that can be integrated/used by other Nordic customers into an end product/solution. Partners can offer solutions:

Partners are divided in several categories, depending on their main offering in relation to Nordic products.

Check each partner page to explore its unique offering: you can also get contact details and exclusive whitepaper. Some Solution partners can be Design Partners as well.

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How to choose a Partner?

There are many different partners, each one is unique, based on locations, size of company, competences, etc.

When choosing the right design partner, it is important for you to understand what you need and clarify requirements and expectations with the partner you are considering. For example: some design partners offer turn-key services, while others focus on specific ones; some design partners may not keep ownership of the solutions, while others can offer a complete solution and keep ownership of it.

If you do not know which partner can meet your needs or simply if you need some indications from Nordic, please contact Nordic Sales team here and we will be happy to give additional directions.

Nordic has put in place qualification processes to on-board partners. Despite this, many aspects are outside Nordic’s control.

When selecting a partner for your project, it is mandatory for you to carry out your own assessment of the partner (from all points of view, including business and technical aspects), to clarify requirements/expectations and all the other important aspects on which a solid relationship is built on.

List of Solution Partners

Partners are listed by solution category. Some partners may offer additional services/solutions, beyond the category they belong to. See each partner page for details.


Bluetooth Positioning Systems

These are Direction Finding solutions/building blocks based on Bluetooth 5.1 AoA/AoD or based on proprietary implementations using Bluetooth LE. 

Partner, HQ Service regions Company Introduction
BlueIoT, China
Worldwide BlueIoT is a leading provider of Bluetooth AoA Solutions, offering RTLS based on Bluetooth with an accuracy level down to 10cm.  [continue reading]
Worldwide We are a technology start-up innovating in the space of direction finding and positioning systems. We provide end-to-end real-time location solutions by using Bluetooth radios. [continue reading]
u-blox, Switzerland Worldwide u-blox is a global technology leader in positioning and wireless communication in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets [continue reading]


Cloud, Device Management, ML/AI & Debugging

These partners offer enhanced cloud services in combination with client libraries running on Nordic SoC (nRF Connect SDK).   
Note: other Nordic partners with Cloud & DM offering are: A1 Digital, Grandcentrix, Telenor

Partner, HQ Service regions Company Introduction
AVSystem, Poland
Worldwide AVSystem automates process of IoT Device Lifecycle Management and helps companies to develop ecosystems of connected devices [continue reading] 
Edge Impulse, USA (CA) Worldwide Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices, free for developers and trusted by enterprises [continue reading]
Golioth, USA (CA) Worldwide Quickly connect Nordic components to the web with the Golioth IoT data platform [continue reading]
Memfault, USA Worldwide Memfault is the first cloud-based observability platform purpose-built for IoT devices that brings the flexibility, speed, and innovation of software development to hardware development.  [continue reading]



These partners offer antenna solutions and provide dedicated documentation and getting-started guides when used in combination with Nordic cellular components (e.g. nRF9160)

Partner, HQ  Service regions  Company Introduction
Ignion, Spain
Worldwide Ignion is reshaping the world's IoT connectivity. A global antenna innovator with proven manufacturing capabilities to scale and create the new generation of multiband, multipurpose and ready-to-use, chip antennas. [continue reading]
 Johanson, USA (CA)  Worldwide For the past 15 years, Johanson has developed many of Nordicsemi’s chipset-specific front-end solutions such as miniature impedance-matched filters, baluns, and embedded antennas. [continue reading]
Worldwide KYOCERA AVX is a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components, including antennas and RF chipsets, engineered to accelerate technological innovation and build a better future. [continue reading]
TE Connectivity, USA (PA)    Worldwide TE Connectivity is a global leader in antenna, sensor, and connector technology. Our mission at TE is to build a connected world that is safer, sustainable, and more productive for all of humanity. [continue reading]
Taoglas, Ireland Worldwide Taoglas is a leading enabler of digital transformation using IoT. We help OEMs and enterprises with everything from initial strategy definition, to design, build, deploy and managed services. [continue reading]



Cellular e2e Solution Providers

These partners offer e2e solutions, combining Cellular connectivity, (e)SIM, Data plans, Cloud, Device Management, Consultancy services (System architecture, HW/SW development, etc.) 

Partner, HQ Service regions Company Introduction
A1 Digital, Austria Austria, Germany, Switzerland A1 Digital is a part of A1 Telekom Austria Group, leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. [continue reading]
grandcentrix, Germany
Worldwide Grandcentrix is IoT Solution Provider for Smart Products, Internet of Things, Smart Home and Smart Energy. [continue reading]
Onomondo, Denmark Worldwide Onomondo enables both new and existing IoT solutions to thrive with seamless, global cellular connectivity and innovative IoT development tools. We future-proof solutions by providing full data transparency, unparalleled flexibility, and eliminating third-party dependencies. [continue reading]

Telenor ASA, Norway

EMEA Telenor is an Global Premium connectivity and IOT Platform provider
Our local and global experience makes Telenor one of the leading Telco`s in the world.  [continue reading]

 3rd party beacons

Visit this page for a list of 3rd party beacons running on Nordic SoC