Nordic Partners

Speed up your time to market

Why partners?

Product journey

To help customers bringing successful products to market in a fast and simple way, Nordic has established a number of partnerships with leading companies in the market. These companies can help Nordic’s customers in their product journey, by providing products, services and solutions in relation to Nordic portfolio.

Nordic Partners

The following partner categories have been identified:

  • Distribution Partners
    In order to give worldwide timely and reliable access to Nordic full portfolio, Nordic has selected key distributors.
    These distributors are the only authorized ones who can supply Nordic parts to customers for design, prototyping and production stages.
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  • Module Partners
    For customers who need fast time to market, higher level of integration, reduced development costs and reduced certification processes, Nordic has partnered with a range of module suppliers. They offer qualified and certified modules based on Nordic Semiconductor technology (SoC).
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  • Design Partners
    Nordic Design Partners are companies that are familiar with Nordic technologies and that offer design consultancy, design engineering services or ODM services. They can help with a specific aspect of a complex design or they can provide turnkey solutions. These partners can be used by customers in order to outsource or simply speed up the design and launch of new products. 
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  • Solution Partners
    Nordic Solution Partners are companies that provide solutions and services in relation to Nordic technologies and that can be used by customers to build complex systems. For example, Solution Partners can provide solutions that run on Nordic components (e.g. 3rd party protocols, RTLS systems, 3rd party DevKits, etc),  complementary solutions (Cloud, Cellular connectivity, etc) or Pre-production solutions (e.g. Programming, testing, certification)
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  • Nordic Partner Program

    How to become a partner

    For Design Partners and Solution Partners, Nordic is currently establishing the Nordic Partner Program. Stay tuned on this page: In the coming months, more partners will be added to the lists of Design and Solution partners.

    Are you already familiar with Nordic technologies? Do you already have a great solution or service to offer which can help Nordic customers to build great products and go to market fast?
    Then please get in touch with your Nordic Sales representative using this form and you can discuss how to become a partner.