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Design Partners

Nordic Design Partner badgeNordic Design Partners are companies that have joined the Nordic Partner Program and are qualified to be listed on the Nordic website.

Nordic Design Partners can offer at least one of the following core design services in relation to Nordic technologies:

  • Hardware and RF design:
    i.e. hardware design and integration of Nordic hardware components into more complex electronic systems. It includes also simple RF and antenna design & integration (e.g. Bluetooth: PCB antenna, solderable antenna, uFL output; Cellular: solderable antenna, uFL output).
  • Embedded software development:
    i.e. embedded software development on Nordic devices in conjunction with Wireless connectivity protocols provided by Nordic as part of its SDK or third-party protocols which run fully or partially on Nordic SoC.   
  • Advanced RF & antenna design:
    i.e. design services for complex RF and antenna solutions. E.g. Antenna Array design for AoA/AoD (Bluetooth 5.1), GPS antenna, advanced PCB antennas for cellular connectivity, etc. 
  • Security design and implementation:
    i.e. design and implementation of security features to secure IoT applications. E.g. Root of Trust, encryption, signed DFU, encrypted DFU, keys/certificates management, secure provisioning/bonding,

Nordic design partners can also offer other services or solutions. Check each partner page to explore its unique offering: you can also get contact details and exclusive whitepaper. Some Design partners can be Solution partners as well.

Take me straight to the list below.

Design Partners vs. Nordic tech support

Nordic Design Partners sell services and solutions to help you in bringing new products to market. 

If you need technical support when using Nordic products, you can use the free Nordic DevZone, where you can post open questions, read technical blogs, or open private tickets.

How to choose a Partner?

There are many different partners, each one is unique, based on locations, size of company, competences, etc.

When choosing the right design partner, it is important for you to understand what you need and clarify requirements and expectations with the partner you are considering. For example: some design partners offer turn-key services, while others focus on specific ones; some design partners may not keep ownership of the solutions, while others can offer a complete solution and keep ownership of it.

If you do not know which partner can meet your needs or simply if you need some indications from Nordic, please contact Nordic Sales team here and we will be happy to give additional directions.

Nordic has put in place qualification processes to on-board partners. Despite this, many aspects are outside Nordic’s control.

When selecting a partner for your project, it is mandatory for you to carry out your own assessment of the partner (from all points of view, including business and technical aspects), to clarify requirements/expectations and all the other important aspects on which a solid relationship is built on.

List of Design Partners

Partners are listed by main office locations (NAM, EMEA, APAC). Most partners serve additional countries as well. See each partner page for details.

Partner, HQ Service regions Company Introduction
Ambient Sensors, USA (ID) Worldwide Since 2010, an engineering professional services company providing firmware and software development, hardware design, and RF testing. We focus on IoT wireless applications, including BLE, BLE mesh, BLE audio, Wi-Fi, and others. We can provide turnkey product development or augment existing engineering teams.
Blue Clover Devices, USA Worldwide Blue Clover has engineered a more elegant way to deploy firmware and provisioning instructions to the production line. Make better devices using Blue Clover's flagship award-winning Production Line Tool to create your board-level programming and testing station and enjoy live test reports within your browser, GitHub, or Slack.
Bold Type, USA (FL) Worldwide Bold Type is the industry’s expert developer of connected, wireless medical devices and digital health apps. We can take a product from concept to commercialization, supporting FDA submissions and transfer to manufacturing. We have expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics, embedded software, iOS, Android, Web Apps, cloud implementation, cyber security, and more.
CA Engineering, USA (UT)
CA Engineering has designed with Nordic products for over ten years and is one of the founding partners of the Nordic Partner Program. CA Engineering utilizes its expertise in embedded software, hardware, and manufacturing to create Nordic-based devices that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in product revenue for its clients. Contact us to see how we can help with your next Nordic design.
Connected Development, USA (NC) Worldwide Connected Development is a full services engineering design company that specializes in wireless and IOT solutions. We provide hardware design, firmware design, cloud integration, RF design, antenna design, mechanical services, certification, and manufacturing services.
Croxel, USA (FL) Worldwide Croxel is a premier product development leader, turning ideas into integrated, market-ready IoT solutions. With deep expertise in advanced technologies and a focus on IoT, consumer electronics, and healthcare wearables, we streamline design to fabrication, ensuring rapid, cost-effective results for global R&D teams. Your vision, our innovation!
Device Solutions Inc, USA (NC) Worldwide We design custom devices for INNOVATIVE PEOPLE. We are proud to bring 20 years of expertise to the table in wireless + low power embedded devices. Specializing in hardware, firmware, and antenna design. From full turn key product development to the slices you need (i.e. PCB design, certification, etc.) RF – Bluetooth – BLE – Cellular – GPS – LoRa – RFID – Wi-Fi
Dojo Five, USA (MN) North America, Europe Dojo Five revolutionizes embedded firmware development for Nordic customers through our cutting-edge EmbedOps tool. Our innovative solution accelerates the development process, streamlining workflow, and optimizing efficiency. With consistent build environments, real-time debugging, automated CI/CD pipelines, and Hardware in the Loop testing we empower embedded developers to create high-quality, scalable solutions, ensuring a competitive edge in the market.
DornerWorks, USA (MI) North America, Europe   As a trusted advisor to our customers and partners, DornerWorks future-proofs product design and development. With solutions for embedded software and hardware, cybersecurity, networking, and communications, DornerWorks engineers combine software and services to solve mission-critical challenges in rugged environments.   
EMS Integrators LLC, USA (FL)
Worldwide EMS Integrators LLC, headquartered in the USA, is a joint venture with Gigatek, a contractor manufacturer based in Taiwan.  Our primary objective is working with end customers for development and manufacturing of wireless products based on the technology offered by Nordic Semiconductor.  EMSi services cover engineering, prototypes, and mass production with a focus on LE Audio and User Authentication. 
FOCUS, Uruguay  North America, EMEA, Latin America  Focus specializes in delivering exceptional firmware, hardware, and software solutions. Our team excels in embedded systems, focusing on energy-efficient, high-performance devices and prioritizing open communication with customers to meet their evolving needs and propose a product agile-driven workflow. Our comprehensive development process ensures the best outcomes. Embracing change, we tackle each project's unique challenges 
Indesign, USA (IN)
North America Since 1996, Indesign provides full turnkey product design services. Hardware, Firmware/Software, RF & Wireless, Mechanical, Systems Engineering, and Testing. We utilize an ISO certified product development process.  Full product development includes starting with a product concept and finishing with a ready-to-manufacture electronic product design.
Jaycon Systems LLC, USA (FL) USA Jaycon is your go-to partner for transforming ideas into market-ready solutions. Specializing in innovative design, engineering, and custom manufacturing, we focus on electronics and IoT. Whether a startup or established enterprise, our unique approach and unwavering support guarantee your project’s success from inception to completion.
Johanson, USA (CA) Worldwide Johanson Technology provides High Frequency Ceramic Solutions for 5G, IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth, ISM, RF/Microwave, mmWave, Fiber Optic, Military, and many other RF applications.  Our broad product range includes Multilayer Capacitors, Single Layer Capacitors, RF Inductors, Antennas, Baluns, Balanced Filters, Band Pass Filters, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Couplers, and Diplexers.
KS Technologies, USA (CO) Worldwide KST loves to sense remote things, uplink that data to the cloud, and apply that data for the benefit of lives and businesses. Our engineering team creates products that encompass the sensor all the way to the cloud. Our onsite surface mount capability means we can rapidly prototype your solution!
Worldwide KYOCERA AVX state-of-the-art global design centers support customers from the concept phase to mass production, including validation and pre-certification testing.  KYOCERA AVX teams and factories are organized to support small and large projects, component designs or complex vertical integrations, standard antennas or customized solutions.
MistyWest Design & Engineering, Canada
Canada, USA MistyWest is an engineering design consultancy that exists to create an inclusive and prosperous global community enabled by technology, with a focus on projects that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
NeuronicWorks, Canada
North America, South America, Europe, Middle East
NeuronicWorks Inc. is a product development and manufacturing house providing turnkey electronic product design solutions through the entire product development lifecycle from ideation to manufacturing.
NEUVATEK Inc., USA (TX) United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Nigeria NEUVATEK is a technology innovation firm based in Austin – Texas with core expertise spanning conception, product design/engineering, micro-electronics design and embedded firmware development as well as human-machine interface.
NEUVATEK has developed more than 50 innovative products based on NORDIC technology covering Cellular Communication, 
Bluetooth Low Energy and ESB.
Ovyl, USA (TN) Worldwide Ovyl specializes in innovative electronic and IoT product development for a wide range of clients, from funded startups to Fortune 5's. They blend high-end aesthetics with deep technology expertise, designing products with visual appeal and user-centric functionality. By leveraging their multidisciplinary team you reduce the time between concepts, prototypes, and production.
Paragon Innovations, USA (TX) North America Paragon Innovations is a 30+ year national Engineering Services IoT Product Development company with Electronic, Software, and Mechanical engineering talent. We work with Fortune 500 and startup companies.  We are now part of Berkshire Hathaway.
Pebblebee, USA (WA)  Worldwide  Pebblebee is the only company that has delivered products that are cross-platform nativecompatible across Apple and Google ecosystems, along with additional features, such asOver-The-Air firmware updates, offered through the Pebblebee App and Web Onboarding. 
Simbex, USA (NH) USA Simbex is an experienced medical device and consumer health product design and development partner that excels in transforming your most complex ideas into game-changing commercial solutions. Specialties include lower power wireless connectivity, biomechanical sensor systems, and advanced algorithm development, as well as commercialization strategy, quality, reimbursement and regulatory support.


Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

Partner, HQ Service regions Company Introduction
2BiTS Technologies, Italy Worldwide 2BiTS services include electronic engineering, hardware/software design, CAD layout, product assembly, and quality test.  We are experts in IoT systems, leveraging technologies like Bluetooth LE, 2G/4G/NB-IoT/LTE-Cat1, Wi-Fi, MQTT, AI on The Edge and Linux Embedded devices. We also create test systems for the semiconductor industry.
A Blue Thing In The Cloud, Spain Worldwide Our slogan is “When technology becomes art” because we really love what we do.  Our coding standards offer a high-quality firmware. We use specialized tools for ensuring that the firmware is MISRA compliant, and for getting HIS Metrics on the code. So we ensure that your firmware has no technical debt, offering a firmware very easy to understand, maintenance and scalable to new functionalities. 
We offer 12 months of warranty on the firmware we develop.
AL2Tech, Italy  Worldwide  AL2Tech is a premier destination for all your development needs, offering a seamless journey from concept to reality, thanks to its design, testing and production capability. AL2Tech dedicated team strives to deliver top-tier products, ranging from IoT devices to industrial monitoring systems and wearable gadgets, with a particular focus on crafting low-power and battery-efficient solutions. 
Bluenetics, Austria Worldwide Long term experience with low power wireless applications for both standard and customized Mesh systems, we can offer unique software development expertise. Our focus is on high quality embedded software development, which we achieve by combining in-house senior software design skills and outsourced dynamic software development capacity. With test driven development we are able to ensure high quality software standards.
Conclusive Engineering, Poland  EMEA and USA  Conclusive Engineering is a full-service embedded system development provider that delivers customized embedded hardware, software, and services. Our core offerings include ready-to-use Systems on Modules (SOMs) and Single Board Computers (SBCs), ranging from small, low-power IoT devices to high-performance edge computing platforms.
Elektronikutvecklingsbyrån EUB AB, Sweden Worldwide A small team specialized in low power IoT applications. We offer a close, open collaboration with experienced problem solvers. Through use of open-source components and our existing reference designs we make it possible to go from idea to prototype, and from prototype to launch, faster and more efficiently than ever.
Elimo Engineering Ltd, UK Worldwide Our mission is to be nimble and provide pure, unadulterated knowledge to our customers, to be easy to work with and to be direct and honest with our customers.  We take pride in our clear pricing model that gives you the piece of mind of a known budget for a known deliverable.
Embevity, Poland  EU, UK, USA  Experience comprehensive R&D in embedded systems with Nordic MCUs and Zephyr OS. Embevity services include development of Hardware, Firmware, Software, FPGA + DSP. Leverage our diverse experience, swift communication, transparency, and diligence, demonstrated through mature project management and quality assurance. 
grandcentrix, Germany
Worldwide We deliver end-to-end IoT products with incredible vertical integration, including electronics design & hardware development, firmware & application software, solution architecture & implementation from sensor to user. We focus on connected devices, short range (WiFi, BT and Zigbee) connectivity and cellular connectivity technologies (Narrowband, LTE-M and regular LTE). 
GRINN, Poland Worldwide Grinn is IoT electronics design house, offering hardware, firmware, and mechanical development, along with embedded software and testing. We collaborate closely with you, going beyond the task sheet to infuse creative thinking and innovative ideas into your project. Our full-cycle development approach reduces time, ensuring your project's success. Turn your boldest ideas into market-ready products with our team of 85+ experts.
Ignion, Spain Worldwide Ignion partnership with Nordic enables Nordic customers to reduce the risk on the RF design, ensuring high performance in a small design with optimized power consumption in the RF chain, enabling long battery life time of IoT devices.
Inventas AS, Norway Norway, Sweden, Denmark We combine design and engineering skills being able to take the customer from idea to success. We do both the physical and and virtual domain where both mechanics, electronics, software and design are combines. All in the correct regulatory framework (Med tech, Atex/EX, RED etc)
iomico, Poland Worldwide  We have a team of over 30 engineers who possess a profound understanding of Nordic MCUs such as nRF52, nRF53, nRF9160, and the nRF7002 series, coupled with expertise in Zephyr OS, RTOS, wireless networks, sensors, power management, circuit design, RF design, integrated mobile and web applications, and OTA.
iProtoxi Oy, Finland Finland iProtoxi is a strong enabler for companies that want to create sustainable solutions using digital systems and products. With off-the-shelf products, you can start designing your own service without the costly and time-consuming product development phase.  Also, all Aistin produclts are based upon Nordic solutions.
IRNAS, Slovenia EU, USA, World IRNAS is a complete in-house development process with a multi-disciplinary engineering team from electronics, mechanics, firmware, certification and product development supported by in-house production facilities including PCB assembly line, advanced CNC machining infrastructure, 3D printing and more. Such configuration enables a unique combination of skilled engineering development with rapid turn-around when innovating new projects.
Leber Ingenieure, Germany
DACH + We offer design services relating to the development of electronic hardware and firmware and the development of complete products including all necessary certifications.  
We originally focused on developing power supplies and power switches for applications that demand high levels of accuracy and efficiency. Over time we expanded development activity to cover a wider range of applications. 
We successfully serve customers in the industrial, automotive, medical, consumer and aviation market sectors.
Lemonbeat, Germany Europe Our focus is to make IoT less complex  by using our IoT communication backbone as a basis for solutions we are building. This way, customers can build a solution fast and reliable at a fraction of the cost of a traditional IoT project.
Lobaro, Germany Europe We work very efficiently with our customers, because from the first concept and prototype to the professional hardware design including firmware programming, supervision of regulatory testing and mass production, all necessary steps can be offered by Lobaro. We focus primarily on LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) and use modern mobile technologies such as Narrowband IoT / LTE-M in combination with classic technologies such as wireless M-Bus, Modbus or LoRaWAN as fallback uplink or in bridge products.
N-iX Ltd, Malta Worldwide N-iX works with IT Consulting, Client R&D extension and Solution-based projects cooperation models. We provide our customers with a full cycle of software development and hardware design.
N-iX is Advanced AWS Service Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Cloud Partner, SAP Partner, Opentext Partner.
Norbit, Norway Worldwide
For more than 25 years NORBIT´s in-house multidisciplinary R&D team has built a strong experience toolbox for wireless technology, customized integrated antennas, embedded software, and low power devices.
Allowing the in-house R&D engineers to work closely with in-house manufacturing process expertise, NORBIT ensures their designs to be industrial robust and designed for manufacturing. NORBIT has through investment in state-of-the-art machinery for robotized high-volume manufacturing enabled high flexibility and good scalability in its supply chain.
Radientum, Finland Worldwide Radientum is a world-class engineering service company focused on antenna, RF, and EMC. We are experts in developing custom antenna & RF solutions for highly integrated IIoT, wearables, and automotive applications with limited space. Our expertise includes a wide range of projects that use various wireless technologies, for example: Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), UWB, NFC, Bluetooth, WLAN, GNSS, NB- IoT/CAT-M, LoRa, and Sigfox.
Rtone, France Worldwide By blending the skills of an engineering agency experienced in BOTH hardware AND digital technology with an ecosystem of manufacturing partners, Rtone, as a one stop shop, brings global and innovative solutions to the IoT systems market.
Sigma Connectivity, Sweden EU, USA Sigma Connectivity, your one-stop tech house consultancy, combines 700+ engineering experts and advanced labs to offer end-to-end product development. We specialize in cutting edge hardware, software, and industry-leading connected device development including industrialisation to ensure seamless delivery globally.
Sodaq, The Netherlands Worldwide Since 2013, SODAQ has been a pioneer in the field of creating devices using low-power wide-area networking and energy harvesting, eliminating battery usage. With the growth of our company we now aim to design and develop devices in a smarter, responsible way through sustainable design and material choices and extremely energy-efficient devices. 
Svep Design Center AB, Sweden Worldwide We are a software and electronics development partner who can help our customers to develop products and take them to the market anywhere in the world.
Taoglas, Ireland Worldwide A nimble and efficient approach which mobilizes quickly, makes Taoglas a trusted advisor helping customers regardless of where they are on their IoT journey. With world-class design, consultancy and engineering expertise, along with support and test centers globally, Taoglas delivers complex IoT solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively.
TE Connectivity, Switzerland Worldwide  TE Connectivity is a global leader in antenna, sensor, and connector technology. Our mission at TE is to build a connected world that is safer, sustainable, and more productive for all of humanity. We are committed to unleashing the potential of every connection, empowering engineers to solve today’s toughest challenges. 


Asia, Pacific (APAC)

Partner, HQ Service regions Company Introduction
Avnet Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore
APAC Avnet’s deep expertise and heritage in large volume broad line distribution is now enhanced with added specialization in product idea and design, along with a greatly expanded online community, supporting resources and commerce offerings. This dramatically improves our ability to engage engineers and entrepreneurs alike at the earliest stages of the innovation and product lifecycle.
HooRii Technology LTD, China China, UK, USA HooRii Technology is known as the “pioneer” of OpenThread in mainland China, with the support from Nordic Semicondutor, HooRii Tech has developed and grounded its main products, Thread certified industrial Thread OTBR, All-in-one router for home, embedded Thread software and Thread certified module.
Shenzhen Minew Technologies, China
China, America, Europe
Minew is a professional turnkey supplier which provide complete customized IoT solutions from concepts and ideas to the physical products. Minew has focused on R&D and innovations in IoT fields for more than 10 years. We provide high standard IoT solutions, products and services.