nPM1100 Thumbnail


If you're reading this you are one of the few people lucky enough to receive a nPM1100 Thumnail board from one of our representatives. The nPM1100 Thumbnail is a giveaway board for showing off the nPM1100's capabilities as a small, highly efficient PMIC that requires very little board space to be fully operational. The nPM1100 Thumbnail features a fully functional nPM1100 PMIC and the passive components required to make it operate, with solder pads for select pins on the nPM1100 on a 100 mil grid. It can thus be used as a daughterboard by soldering it to a prototyping board. It can be used for powering applications with a regulated 3.0 V supply and charging lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries via USB. For instructions see the user guide below. To read more about the nPM1100 download the product brief, or visit the nPM1100 product page

Download PDF  Download nPM1100 product brief [PDF]

Key features
  • Inductor choices optimized for size
  • Requires no software to operate
  • 3.0 V regulated output
  • USB input
  • Battery charging and power delivery
  • Solder pads to essential pins on nPM1100
  • Solder pads on a 100 mil grid for easily integrating with prototyping boards

Download hardware files

for the nPM1100 EK



nPM1100 EK Hardware Files