nPM6001Power Management IC

Advanced multi-rail Power Management IC (PMIC) for advanced applications

The nPM6001 is a dedicated power management IC (PMIC) with six independently controlled power rails. It is designed for complex applications architected with multiple power domains that require separate voltage regulation or need to be powered down independently to conserve application power.

Four highly efficient step-down buck regulators can deliver regulated outputs of up to 150 to 550 mA of current, respectively. Selectable voltage outputs ranges from 0.5 – 3.3V, at up to 95 % efficiency depending on the mode, input voltage, and selected output voltage. 

Furthermore, two low dropout (LDO) regulators can supply up to 15mA fixed at 1.8V - or up to 30mA selectable between 1.8 and 3.3V. With 3 out of the 4 buck regulators enabled, the typical operational quiescent current of the PMIC is only 1.2 µA.  

The PMIC also incorporates a watchdog timer (WDT). It can be set to time out between 4 seconds and 2 years in 4-second steps. The WDT resets the system if not triggered before it times out.

The watchdog timer is also used to implement hibernate mode, in this mode the whole system is powered down except for a 2 kHz oscillator and a timer. Current consumption here is typically 300 nA.

Thermal protection protects the device from overheating. It will turn off the device and allow it to cool down should it reach critical temperatures. However, before the device takes this action, it will send a pre-warning interrupt to the host to allow it to reduce the PMIC load and avoid being reset.    

Key features
  • Six independently regulated power rails
  • Four buck DCDC regulators 
  • Two LDOs
  • 0.5 - 3.3 V regulated output
  • Low 1.2µA typical quiescent current 
  • 3.0 - 5.5 V input operating voltage
  • Watchdog timer
  • Thermal protection with pre-warning
  • Timed wake up from hibernate
  • Controlled via I2C compatible TWI
  • Three multi-purpose GPIOs

Block diagram

graphical user interface, application

Evaluation Kit

The nPM6001 evaluation kit features jumper configurations for selectable settings and headers connectors provide connections to all pins of the nPM6001 PMIC.

This enables control of the output state of the PMIC, operation mode of the DCDC regulators and disabling of parts of the board without software control. With the available software library and sample code it is possible to also change output voltages of the regulators and open the full potential of the PMIC. The host communicates with the chip through an I2C-compatible TWI interface, available through qwiic-connectors. 

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