Power Management ICs

Designed to reduce power consumption

Nordic Semiconductor leverages its extensive experience in ultra-low power wireless technology to develop power management ICs, enabling industry-leading low power wireless solutions.

 Why choose Nordic´s power management ICs?

icon of a battery on power management ic page on intergrated circuits     MAXIMUM ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Ultra-low power consumption means maximum energy efficiency from when the electrons leave the battery until RF signals are converted to radio waves.
icon of kits on power management ic page on intergrated circuits HIGH INTEGRATION: Combining valuable system and power management features with essential PMIC functions in a compact package, cuts board space, complexity and bill of materials.
Firmware icon on power management ic page on intergrated circuits SEAMLESS DEVELOPMENT: In a perfect world, a hardware engineer wouldn’t need to write code and a software engineer wouldn’t have to read the datasheet. The PC application, nPM PowerUP creates that world.

Desktop software

nRF Connect for Desktop

nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform framework for development applications. It contains applications for testing Bluetooth Low Energy and LTE links, power optimization, programming and more.

nPM PowerUP

iconnPM PowerUP is a desktop application for controlling the nPM1300 Evaluation Kit (EK). Once connected to an EK, the app gives full control over the adjustable settings of the nPM1300 PMIC. Using the included battery models, you can also get an estimated time-to-full and time-to-empty when charging or discharging a battery connected to the EK. 

nPM PowerUP is found inside nRF Connect for Desktop