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nRF MeshMobile app

Provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh networks

The nRF Mesh apps enable you to provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh networks. They demonstrate a subset of the capabilities of the nRF Mesh open source libraries. Nordic has created these apps to bring the natural benefits of using a smartphone in Bluetooth mesh setup and control activities. Provision devices with authentication and use the generic interface to configure and control the nodes.

The source code is available on GitHub and we encourage you to use it as a starting point for your Bluetooth mesh development.


  • Provision, configure, and control of nodes
  • Management of network, network keys, and application keys
  • Management of publications and subscriptions
  • Generic OnOff, Level and Scenes control
  • Sending messages to vendor models
  • Sharing network configuration with other phones

Check out the video in the Get started tab!

graphical user interface

graphical user interface


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