Power Profiler Kit

Low-cost, highly accurate power measurement tool

The Power Profiler Kit is an easy to use tool for power measurements enabling optimization of embedded solutions.

The Power Profiler Kit can be mounted directly on to the following Nordic Semiconductor devkits through the Arduino Uno Revision 3 standard pin headers, in combination with the special power measurement header on these kits:

  • nRF51 DK
  • nRF52 DK
  • nRF52833 DK
  • nRF52840 DK
  • nRF5340 DK

This allows easy power profiling with a minimum of hardware work needed.
There’s also an additional connector for power measurements on external boards, so you can connect and power profile your final hardware as well.

Note: A Nordic DK or a SEGGER JLINK will be needed for connecting to the PPK.

The Power Profiler Kit supports VCC levels between 1.8 V and 3.3 V and has an on-board regulator that will supply up to 70 mA of current to external applications.

The Power Profiler Kit has an advanced analog measurement unit with a high dynamic measurement range. This allows accurate power consumption measurements for the entire range typically seen in low-power embedded applications, all the way from single μA to tens of mA. The time resolution is high enough to detect small spikes as often seen in low power optimized systems.

The Power Profiler Kit supports both external trigger input and trigger output.
This makes it possible to combine the use of it with oscilloscopes and logic analyzers.
It also supports triggering on current-threshold.

The PC software is an app running in the nRF Connect for Desktop framework. It is available under add remove apps in the nRF Connect for Desktop.

The box contains a Power Profiler Kit PCB, to be mounted on top of a Nordic Development Kit (not included) or connected to a SEGGER JLINK (not included).
Ordering code: nRF6707

Download PDFDownload Power Profiler Kit product brief (PDF)

Key Features
Power Measurement
Up to 70 mA
current supply
1.8 - 3 V
VCC levels
High Dynamic
measurement range


PC Software

nRF Connect for Desktop

nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform framework for development applications. It contains applications for testing Bluetooth Low Energy and LTE links, power optimization, programming and more.