Florida Space Coast-based IoT design startup, Croxel, says it can fast-track even the most challenging cellular IoT designs using Nordic-based in-house platform


To get IoT designs into demo, prototype and/or production at very high speed, Croxel has pre-developed its own feature-packed and fully customizable KIOTE/11 cellular IoT development engine. This comprises all necessary hardware, firmware, and software, including MQTT web interface, and leverages Nordic’s nRF9160 multi-mode LTE-M/NB-IoT System-in-Package (SiP) 

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that U.S. design startup, Croxel, has put a Nordic nRF9160 SiP at the heart of the Croxel KIOTE/11 cellular IoT development engine. Croxel says the KIOTE/11 engine is so fully-featured that it can be used to get even the most challenging and innovative IoT applications into demo, prototype, and/or production stage at record speed.

The Croxel KIOTE/11 engine includes all necessary hardware (including packaging), firmware, and software, including a fully interactive and customizable web dashboard with MQTT support.

The KIOTE/11’s extensive sensing capability features include (but Croxel says are not limited to): temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, indoor air quality, RBG light color, ambient light level, 2D gesture and LIDAR laser-based proximity measurement (up to 2m), motion, shock and vibration detection, sound level, magnetic proximity, both GPS and cellular location, three-axis acceleration, vibration, orientation, plus a three-axis electronic compass.
With the incredible technical support of Nordic Semiconductor behind us we confidently welcome – and indeed relish – the engineering challenge of even the most complex and difficult IoT designs and projects
Chet Neeley, Croxel
The Croxel KIOTE/11 leverages the Nordic nRF9160 SiP to provide a dedicated 64 MHz Arm® Cortex™-M33 application processor with 1 MB of Flash and 256 KB of RAM memory and both LTE-M and/or NB-IoT operation with GPS support.
The Croxel KIOTE/11 also features an onboard antennae and battery, USB charging, USB/UART interface, audio DAC with 1W speaker amp, digital microphone, RGB LED plus piezo beeper and user button, and a range of expansion interfaces (GPIO, UART, I2C).
“The development of our KIOTE/11 platform took just three months and demonstrates the turnaround capability we now want to offer our customers,” says Croxel CEO, Albert Garvett. “We consider ourselves an extremely responsive and capable technical design organization with a proven track record in building innovative IoT applications for both small and large customers alike.”
“Croxel has decades of in-house engineering and design expertise,” adds Croxel CTO, Chet Neeley. “And with the incredible technical support of Nordic Semiconductor behind us too I confidently welcome – and indeed would relish – the engineering challenge of even the most complex and difficult IoT designs and projects. Solving complex engineering challenges that other design consultants might shy away from is what  gets everyone in Croxel out of bed in the mornings.”
A demo of the KIOTE/11 web dashboard can be viewed by visiting iot.croxel.com.
Croxel says it welcomes enquiries from customers who its KIOTE/11 platform may benefit, and would be willing to customize the platform to meet the needs of a specific application if required.