Let us help you build a wearable that will stand out in the health and fitness market

No company has more experience in wearables – or greater ability to help you develop one – than Nordic Semiconductor. In fact, Nordic’s wireless connectivity has underpinned wearables since the very start of the wearables market just over a decade ago.

Starting from simple activity trackers and wireless sportwatches, the continual evolution of Nordic’s wireless connectivity has enabled the wearables market to continually evolve in parallel. Today that includes state-of-the-art smartwatches, monitoring devices for healthcare and fitness, and wearable form-factors as small as rings.

Low power and AI in wearables

For wearables, weight is a key consideration because they are designed to be worn. This immediately limits the size and weight – so maximum capacity – of the battery that can be used. As a result, power consumption is always a critical design consideration.

Another key topic in wearables is the increasing use of AI and machine learning (ML) to further extend their accuracy and intelligence. But AI and ML has to be performed locally on the wearable device itself. This is because continuously sending data up to the cloud for AI analytics consumes a lot of battery-power that wearables, due to their small size and batteries, simply don’t have.

Nordic’s latest Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) combine advanced performance with ultra-low-low power consumption to maximize battery life and minimize battery size, and thus cost. This means wearables that can run all day on battery-power, no matter how heavily they are used.

Are you planning a wearable project?

Highlighted applications

Activity trackers


Sports sensors

Smart rings


Smart clothing

Connected watches


Smart glasses

Sport watches


Wireless protocols for Wearables

Bluetooth Low Energy

Want to add Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) connectivity to your product? We offer high-quality BLE SoCs, Bluetooth Low Energy chips, and BT modules with ultra-low power consumption and protocol stacks, ensuring excellent interoperability.

Cellular IoT

Want to add cellular connectivity to your product? We offer the most compact and low power solutions in the market for cellular IoT.

Cloud Services

The IoT cloud services optimized for ultra-low power Nordic Semiconductor devices.


Nordic Semiconductor is a leading provider of low-power wireless communication solutions, utilizing decades of ultra-low-power wireless expertise to maximize Wi-Fi’s low-power potential in various applications including home automation, smart lighting, and other IoT devices.

Power Management ICs

Nordic Semiconductor leverages its extensive experience in ultra-low-power wireless technology to develop power management ICs (PMIC) and integrated circuits, enabling industry-leading low power wireless solutions.

Recommended software

nRF Connect SDK

nRF Connect SDK is a common software development kit for Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, cellular IoT, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee and Matter. It supports all our nRF52, nRF53, nRF70 and nRF91 Series wireless devices.