nRF52833 System on Chip

105°C qualified Bluetooth 5.4 SoC supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth mesh, NFC, Thread and Zigbee

The nRF52833 is a general-purpose multiprotocol SoC with a Bluetooth Direction Finding capable radio, qualified for operation at an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. It is the 5th addition to the industry leading nRF52 Series and is built around a 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU, and has 512 KB flash and 128 KB RAM memory available for higher value applications. 

The extended 105°C temperature qualification, coupled with a generous amount of memory and dynamic multiprotocol support ensures the nRF52833 is an ideal device for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including professional lighting and asset tracking. A 1:4 RAM to Flash ratio and +8 dBm output power make the nRF52833 suitable for advanced wearables or smart home applications where robust coverage is important. 

It includes a range of analog and digital interfaces such as NFC-A, ADC, Full-speed 12 Mbps USB 2.0, High-speed 32 MHz SPI, UART/SPI/TWI, PWM, I2S and PDM, and has a 1.7 V to 5.5 V supply voltage range, which enables powering the device from rechargeable batteries or over USB. The two-stage LDO regulator and a DC-DC converter, together with the automated power management system help deliver low power numbers even in more advanced applications.

Key features
  • 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
  • 512 KB Flash, 128 KB RAM
  • 2 Mbps, 1 Mbps, Long Range
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Bluetooth Direction Finding
  • Bluetooth mesh
  • Thread, Zigbee
  • +8 dBm TX Power
  • 128-bit AES CCM
  • HS-SPI, I2S, PWM
  • 12-bit ADC
  • NFC
  • USB 2.0

Which reference layout to download?

If you are unsure which reference layout to download, go to SoC revisions and variants (Infocenter -> nRF52 Series -> nRF52833 -> Compatibility Matrix -> SoC revisions and variants) to see which nRF52833 SoC revision you have.

Then, go to Documentation and reference design files (Infocenter -> nRF52 Series -> nRF52833 -> Compatibility Matrix -> Documentation and reference design files)  to see which reference design/layout file version you should download.

Reference layout

for the nRF52833 in xxAA package variants

Selected version
1.2 Layout and BOM resources


1.2 Layout and BOM resources

  • "Not required for build code Bxx and later" is added to DEC5 capacitor (x represents a digit between 0 and 9)

1.1 Layout and BOM resources

  • Added reference layout files for nRF52833-CJAA

1.0 Layout and BOM resources

  • First release

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