Solution providers

We aim to provide our customers with the DECT NR+-stack that best fits their use-case.

We work with solution providers to provide you with the DECT NR+ solution that best fits your use case. Contact them directly for further information on what they can provide for your DECT NR+ application.


The Wirepas Connectivity Suite combines field-proven mest technology with built-in end-to-end services. Their DECT NR+-based Wirepas 5G Mesh will be available later this year. Wirepas offers solutions within Smart Metering and Smart City applications, with a focus on connecting massive amounts of nodes transmitting small amounts of data with longer latencies.



Lynq enables OEMs and enterprises to design and manage high value products with infrastructure-free, long-range and secure network connectivity. The DECT NR+ based Lynq Raven ™ provides the world’s leading solution for high quality audio and real time data.  Raven’s ™ applications range from headsets and communications equipment, to air and ground autonomous vehicles, sensors, and more. Lynq’s software is deployed in tens of thousands of devices, across consumer, enterprise and defense. 

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