Bluetooth Low Energy

(Bluetooth LE)

Broad portfolio of Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs

Want to add Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to your product?

If you want to add Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to your product, you have come to right place. We offer a broad portfolio of wireless multiprotocol System-on-Chips (SoCs). All our SoCs are extremely advanced and power efficient, but have different feature sets and memory configurations. We ship more than 1 million Bluetooth LE SoCs every day and in 2022 alone our customers certified 446 new end-products, making us the market leader (39 % market share). Our customers select us because we offer high quality SoCs with ultra-low power consumption, protocol stacks with excellent interoperability and easy-to-use software and tools. In addition, we offer free technical support for anyone, guiding you through the whole product development process.

Explore our Bluetooth Low Energy solutions below!

Excite all developers

When Nordic Semiconductor entered the world of Bluetooth Low Energy we had some very clear goals. One was to become the market leader, another was to make Nordic Bluetooth LE SoCs the most accessible, easy-to-use and well-supported devices in the market. Today’s start-up can be the next industry giant in The Internet of Things. We make affordable development hardware that is available for everyone. Complemented by free software and development tools. Nordic wants to excite developers. All developers!

Below is a full overview of all relevant development tools when developing a Bluetooth LE product. First all development tools for desktop are listed, then our mobile apps. Click here to jump to an overview of all our mobile apps.

Desktop development tools

nRF Connect for Desktop

nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform framework for development applications. It contains applications for testing Bluetooth Low Energy and LTE links, power optimization, programming and more.

nRF Command Line Tools

The nRF Command Line Tools are used for development, programming, and debugging of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51, nRF52, nRF53 and nRF91 Series devices.

nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE

nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE is a useful tool for learning about and debugging Bluetooth Low Energy applications.

Allowing you to see what's happening on-air, nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE provides a near real-time display of Bluetooth LE packets.

This helps you identify and fix issues quickly during the development phase.

nRF Pynrfjprog

The nRF Pynrfjprog is a simple Python interface for the nrfjprog DLL.

nRF Util

nRF Util is a unified command line utility for Nordic products.

Mobile apps


Most Bluetooth LE products connect to a smartphone, and we want to make it easy for you to develop your app. We offer a range of mobile apps that takes away the pain of trying to design both ends of a solution at the same time.

Our open framework gives developers the building blocks for iOS and Android apps, saving time in the development phase. We work for cross-platform support, but some features in the apps may differ because the operating systems do work differently. Once your product is up and running, the mobile apps can be used to tweak the design to reach the performance you and your customers expect.

All our mobile apps

nRF Connect for Mobile

nRF Connect for Mobile is a powerful mobile tool that allows you to scan and explore your Bluetooth Low Energy devices and communicate with them.

nRF Blinky

nRF Blinky is a simple mobile app for developers new to Bluetooth Low Energy.

nRF Toolbox

The nRF Toolbox is a container app demonstrating the following Bluetooth profiles: Cycling Speed and Cadence, Running Speed and Cadence, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Thermometer Monitor, Glucose Monitor, and Proximity Monitor. It also supports Nordic UART service.

nRF Connect Device Manager

nRF Connect Device Manager is a generic tool for updating and managing devices running nRF Connect SDK.

nRF Edge Impulse

nRF Edge Impulse is the mobile app for integrating Nordic Thingy:53 with Edge Impulse Studio to create and run embedded machine learning directly on the Thingy:53.

nRF Programmer

The nRF Programmer app is designed to enable the easiest method of flashing new firmware to your Nordic Thingy or development kit, directly over the air. The app is currently compatible with the Thingy:53.

nRF Mesh

The nRF Mesh apps enables you to provision, configure and control Bluetooth mesh networks, to demonstrate a subset of the capabilities of the nRF Mesh open source libraries.

Source code available!

nRF Device Firmware Update

nRF Device Firmware Update is a mobile app for updating nRF5 SDK firmware using Bluetooth Low Energy as a transport.


The Thingy:52 mobile app complements the Nordic Thingy:52 IoT Sensor kit. It makes it possible to configure and interact with the Thingy out-of-the-box and can be used as a reference for your own app.