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Matter provides a shared foundation on which to build an application. The goal is to have interoperability between devices and ecosystems.

Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk is a community network that uses Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, such as Amazon Echo and Ring devices, to give cloud connectivity to IoT devices at no network connection cost. It provides connectivity to devices that are outside of the range of a home Wi-Fi network for a cloud connection.


KNX IoT Point API is a framework that integrates KNX building automation systems with IoT. Thread is used to connect KNX devices and systems to IoT applications via a low-power wireless mesh network, providing reliable and secure communication.

Apple Find My network

The Apple Find My network is a crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology to detect missing devices or items nearby, and report their approximate location back to the owner. Several SoCs in Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 Series support the Find My network sample project in nRF Connect SDK, including the nRF52832, nRF52833 and nRF52840. They can be used to add Find My compatibility to any new product going to market.


Nordic Semiconductor is a leading provider of low-power wireless communication solutions. We offer a range of security features within all product series and have partnered with leading security providers to offer a complete end-to-end security solution for our customers.

Edge AI

Edge AI on embedded devices opens up a world of new possibilities

Find My Device

Google's Bluetooth LE based device locationing network