2.4 GHz proprietary RF

2.4 GHz flexibility and simplicity

When you want complete control

Building applications that perform exactly as you want them to

Bespoke 2.4 GHz wireless development

There are occasions when complete control of the wireless link is required for reasons such as low latency, reduced packet size or particular unique protocol behavior.

The nRF52 and nRF51 Series wireless SoCs all support 2.4 GHz proprietary development. As multiprotocol wireless SoCs they offer simultaneous Bluetooth Low Energy operation, or another supported protocol, if the application demands it. Whilst 2.4 GHz proprietary development does not offer the interoperability that comes with standards like Bluetooth, it can offer special abilities to tailor both ends of a communication link for maximum efficiencies.

The nRF5 SDK has a range of resources for proprietary 2.4 GHz development and includes Nordic's own 'Gazell' proprietary 2.4 GHz protocol. 

2.4 GHz proprietary RF

Feature comparisons

ESB Gazel
Frequency agile No Yes
Throughput Up to 1.3 Mbps 230 kbps (bidirectional)
Pairing options No  Yes 
Configurable Tx Yes  Yes 
Synchronous communication No Yes 
Auto-acknowledge Yes  Yes 

SoC device offering

For ultra-low power 2.4 GHz ISM band wireless designs

Development software and tools

IDEs, SDK, development kits and debugging tools

Your development partner

You need tools for writing and building software, a nice hardware infrastructure for testing your code on-chip and some tools to monitor and debug your work.

We got you covered no matter what phase of development you're in.

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