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At Nordic our goal is to streamline cellular product development and support the entire product lifecycle. This is why we are integrating  the different parts of our cellular offering into a complete solution – a fully Nordic-owned and controlled offering that includes hardware, software, tools, cloud services and our world-class support. 

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Unprecedented integration

Completely Integrated Cellular IoT Solutions

The nRF91 Series uses the Arm Cortex-M33 as a dedicated application processor, fully programmable for the user. It has 1MB of FLASH, 256kB of RAM, and a broad array of peripherals. Beyond its LTE connectivity and positioning options, the series can support a broad selection of use cases and offers real edge computing possibilities for the world of cellular IoT and DECT NR+ (only nRF9161 and nRF9131). Nordic provides the open-source nRF Connect Software Development Kit that users can use to develop their customized applications on the dedicated application processor. Note, the nRF9131 mini SiP does not have an integrated PMIC and Passives and crystals.

 graphical user interface, application

Third Party Modules

Hit the market faster with pre-certified modules


3rd Party cellular modules

Since chipset designs are complex and heavy on certification effort in cellular, Nordic provides a pre-certified module. The current list of certifications achieved for the nRF9160 can be found here. To further simplify integration into a product, 3rd parties offer cellular modules that are assembled preapproved as end-products. They can be found in the link below.

nRF Cloud

Optimized for low power devices

Cloud Services

The IoT cloud services optimized for ultra-low power Nordic Semiconductor devices.

nRF9160 Overview

Optimized for ultra-low power

nRF9160: Optimized for ultra-low power and small cellular IoT applications

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