nRF UtilDevelopment tool

nRF Util is a unified command line utility for Nordic products

nRF Util (nrfutil) functionality is provided through installable and upgradeable commands that are served on a central package registry on the Internet. nRF Util can be downloaded using the links provided at the end of the page. To see the complete list of functionalities offered by nRF Util, type nrfutil help.

Currently, the nRF Util supports three commands:

nrfutil nrf5sdk-tools command

The nRF Util nrf5sdk-tools command provides all functionality available in previous versions of nrfutil (< 7.0.0) including:

  • nRF5 SDK device firmware update (DFU) package generation.
  • Cryptographic key generation, management, and storage.
  • nRF5 SDK Bootloader settings generation.
  • nRF5 SDK DFU procedure over the following transports:
    • Bluetooth Low Energy.
    • Serial over UART.
    • Serial over USB.
    • Thread unicast.
    • Thread multicast.
    • Zigbee.

To install the nrf5sdk-tools command type: nrfutil install nrf5sdk-tools. To see the complete list of functionalities offered by this command, type nrfutil nrf5sdk-tools --help

nrfutil device command

The nRF Util device command can list, program, recover, erase, and do various operations on Nordic devices. It supports MCUboot and J-Link. 
To install the device command type: nrfutil install device. To see the complete list of functionalities offered by this command, type nrfutil device --help.

nrfutil completion command

The nRF Utilcompletion command makes it easier for users to interact with nrfutil and find available commands, subcommands, and flags.

It can be installed by typing nrfutil install completion, followed by nrfutil completion install bash | powershell | zsh, and the user is then provided the necessary steps to complete setup. Pressing Tab or Ctrl+space will invoke menus and auto-completion, including values such as serial numbers of connected devices. 


You can read more about nRF Util on nRF Util becomes a unified command line utility



Note for all downloads: 

After downloading the nrfutil executable, it is recommended to move it to a folder that is in the system's PATH. On macOS and Linux, the downloaded file will also need to be given execute permission by typing chmod +x nrfutil or by doing this in a file browser (this is typically a checkbox found under file properties).

Key Features
MCUboot and DFU support

J-Link support

Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu support

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