nRF Connect for Desktop Desktop tool

Cross-platform development software for Nordic Products

nRF Connect for Desktop is a cross-platform tool framework for assisting development on nRF devices. It contains many apps to test, monitor, measure, optimize and program your applications.

nRF Connect for Desktop is designed to be used with our development kits and dongles. The apps will detect which kit you connected to your computer and upload the needed firmware. The kits supported by each app are listed in the documentation.


nRF Connect for Desktop Apps

Bluetooth Low Energy app iconBluetooth Low Energy

This is an easy-to-use cross-platform application for Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity testing. It supports auto-detection of connected development kits and firmware uploads, as well as supporting Bluetooth Low Energy security features. 

Board Configurator

Board Configurator can be used to update the configuration of Nordic Development kits (DKs), such as virtual COM ports, supply voltage, SWD and other options.

Cellular Monitor

Cellular Monitor is a revolutionary tool for cellular developers, providing real-time insights into modem behavior, enhancing network evaluation and device information.

Direct Test Mode app iconDirect Test Mode

Perform tests with Bluetooth Low Energy devices as specified in the Bluetooth Core Specification. The app allows configuring the devices as transmitters or receivers, and adjust settings such as channel, transmit power and packet length 

nPM PowerUP

The nPM PowerUP app connects your PC with an nPM1300 EK and allows for code-free evaluation and development with the nPM1300 PMIC. 

Power Profiler app iconPower Profiler

This App operates in conjunction with our Power Profiler Kit. It lets you read, analyze and export measurements from the Power Profiler Kit. The PPK2 supports dynamic current measurements from 200nA up to 1 A and can be used to supply a connected board as well as measure its current.

Programmer app iconProgrammer

The Programmer app lets you program Nordic SoCs. You can drag and drop your files and read, write or erase the device.

Quick Start

Quick Start offers a guided path to evaluation and development, for a faster and smoother getting started experience.

RSSI Viewer app iconRSSI Viewer

The RSSI Viewer lets you scan the 2,4 GHz spectrum.

Serial Terminal

This is a terminal emulator that can be used alongside other nRF Connect for Desktop applications as it allows COM Port sharing.

Toolchain Manager app iconToolchain Manager

Manage nRF Connect SDK and toolchain versions on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Key Features

Automatic Updates

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Bluetooth LE


Power Management

Power Measurement

Toolchain Management


Getting Started Video

nRF Connect for Desktop and Power Profiler Kit

Get your Power Profiler Kit II up and running

LTE Link Monitor

A tool for monitoring and testing LTE-M and NB-IoT links, extracting information like received signal strength, the current band and network