nRF5 SDK Maintenance mode

Software development kit for the nRF52 Series and nRF51 Series SoCs

The nRF5 SDK is in maintenance mode, see nRF Connect SDK and nRF5 SDK statement for more info. For new projects, we recommend the nRF Connect SDK.

The nRF5 SDK provides a rich developing environment for nRF51 and nRF52 Series SoCs. It includes a broad selection of drivers, libraries, examples, SoftDevices, and radio protocols.

The SDK is delivered as a plain .zip-archive, which makes it easy to install and gives you the freedom to choose the IDE and compiler.

All code examples included in the SDK are tailored to compile and run on Nordic Semiconductor's Development Kits.

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nRF5 SDK versions

With changelog summary


17.1.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for the new versions of the nRF52 Series devices (Note: Programming these devices requires nrfjprog v10.13 or newer):
    • nRF52820 revision 3
    • nRF52832 revision 3
    • nRF52833 revision 2
    • nRF52840 revision 3
  • Updated nrf_oberon to v3.0.8
  • Updated Mbed TLS to v2.16.10

17.0.2nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for version 7.2.0 of SoftDevices S112, S113, S132, and S140.
  • Added workarounds for anomalies 211 and 223.
  • Added new nrfx v1.8.6 with a new MDK.
  • MDK update to ensure compatibility with future device revisions

16.0.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for the nRF52833 DK and nRF52833 SoC
  • Added support for Bluetooth LE SoftDevices version 7.0.1, as well as the new SoftDevice S113
  • Added an external Tile library and a corresponding example demonstrating the "find me" feature

15.3.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for a new chip - nRF52811
    • Added support for two new ANT SoftDevices: S312 targeting nRF52810 and nRF52832, and S340 targeting nRF52840.
    • Added back support for the ANT SoftDevice S332 v6.1.1, as well as updated the latest SoftDevices S112, S132, S140 and S212 v6.1.1.
    • Updated the SDFU solution with ANT transport layer.
  • Updated DTM to support nRF52811, and updated the existing code to correctly handle Anomaly 172.

15.2.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for SoftDevice S112, S132 and S140 v6.1.0
  • Updated one example demonstrating the new LE Advertising Extension feature
  • Updated Secure DFU to include nRF52810 target
  • Updated ESB library to support all nRF52 SoCs
  • Replaces release v15.1.0


15.1.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for SoftDevice S112, S132 and S140 v6.1.0
  • Updated one example demonstrating the new LE Advertising Extension feature
  • Updated Secure DFU to include nRF52810 target
  • Updated ESB library to support all nRF52 SoCs

15.0.0nRF5 SDK

  • Full support for nRF52840 and production quality of libraries and examples for this device
  • Support for the new SoftDevices S140, S132, and S112 v6.0.0
  • Peripheral drivers now use nrfx
  • Extensive rework of the cryptography library (nrf_crypto)
  • Extensive rework of the DFU functionality

14.2.0nRF5 SDK

  • Support for the new S112 SoftDevice v5.1.0
  • S132 v5.1.0 is not included but will be drop in compatible.
  • See Release Notes - S132 compatibility for details
  • See the release notes for more information

14.1.0nRF5 SDK

  • Integrated nRF5 IoT SDK into nRF5 SDK.
  • Added Segger Embedded Studio (SES) IDE support
  • Added support for the new SoC nRF52810
  • Added support for the new SoftDevice S112 v5.1.0-2.alpha

14.0.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added nRF52810 peripheral driver support
  • Added support for the latest SoftDevice (S132 v5.0.0).
  • Added a new BLE example, Object Transfer Service, that shows how to set up and use the L2CAP Connection Oriented Channels feature of S132 v5.0.0. -
  • Updated Direct Test Mode (DTM) to support the new features of Bluetooth 5.
  • Added a new NFC example: ISO-DEP raw mode.
  • Buttonless DFU feature is now in production quality.
  • Added USB CDC as a transport layer for DFU (Experimental, only nRF52840).
  • Added a library and examples that show how to integrate and use the Infineon OPTIGA Trust E hardware security module.
  • Refactored the logging system (nrf_log) to support multiple independent backends and dynamic logs filtering.
  • Refactored the console (nrf_cli). The console can now act as one of the logger backends. Bluetooth UART is now a supported transport (using the ble_nus service).

13.1.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added support for the SoftDevice S332 v4.0.x. - Added serialization solution for the combined BLE and ANT SoftDevice. 

13.0.0nRF5 SDK

  • Implemented a new license scheme for the SDK distribution.
  • See the documentation folder for details. -
  • Updated the Bluetooth and ANT examples to support the newest SoftDevices S132 v4.0.2, S140 v5.0.0-2.alpha, and S212 v4.0.0. -
  • Included a new 804.15.4 stack library with an example. 
  • Released the Eddystone example and the NFC Type 4 Tag stack in production quality. 
  • Added workarounds for the nRF52832 anomaly 109 (DMA: DMA access transfers might be corrupted).
  • Added serialization of the ANT S212 SoftDevice v4.0.0 (experimental).
  • Added an example showing secure DFU with UART transport layer.
  • This release does not support nRF51.
  • This release does not support the S332 SoftDevice. 

12.3.0nRF5 SDK

  • The main update for this release is the Eddystone implementation for nRF51.
  • In addition to this, we have included some bug fixes.
  • Apart from this, this SDK is identical to SDK v12.2.0.
  • The licenses in this SDK release have been updated in the same way as the licenses in SDK v13.0.0.
  • This SDK is distributed with nRF5x MDK v8.11.1. 
  • Eddystone implementation upgraded from experimental to production quality. 
  • Various bug fixes. See the Bugfixes section below. 

12.2.0nRF5 SDK

  • Added an NFC Type 4 Tag stack (experimental).
  • Replaced the existing Eddystone example with a new implementation.
  • Added experimental support for the new nRF52840 chip.
  • See the section "Scope for the nRF52840" for information about which SDK features are supported on the new chip.

12.1.0nRF5 SDK

11.0.0nRF5 SDK

  • Combined SDK supporting both the nRF51 and the nRF52 Series
  • Moved Peer Manager out of experimental
  • Moved NFC libraries out of experimental and added support for low power mode
  • Added drivers for all nRF52 peripherals
  • Added serialization of the S132 and S130 SoftDevices
  • Added support for SoftDevices S130 v2.0.0, S132 v2.0.0, S212 v0.9.x, and S332 v0.9.x
  • Replaced the Enhanced ShockBurst library with a new implementation (based on µESB)
  • Included a critical MDK update (v8.5.0)
  • Removed support for CMSIS Packs 

10.0.0nRF5 SDK

  • New BLE Peer Manager (experimental), replacement for the BLE Device Manager
  • FreeRTOS support - New ANT modules, additional examples, and new and expanded ANT+ profiles
  • Support for Dynastream's N5 Starter Kit
  • Three new BLE Services
  • Precompiled HEX files

9.0.0nRF5 SDK


  • Support for S210 SoftDevice v5.0.0 
  • Support for S310 SoftDevice v3.0.0 
  • Documentation moved to Infocenter
  • DFU Signing using Elliptic Curve Cryptography added as experimental
  • Available in the zip file only
  • Running Speed and Cadence relay example showing concurrent central/peripheral functionality of S130

7.2.0nRF5 SDK

nRF51 Software Development Kit 7.2.0


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