Bluetooth LE motorcycle head-up display provides riders with navigation prompts, lane indicators and speed limits

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The TILSBERK Head-Up Display employs the Bluetooth LE connectivity of the Nordic nRF52840 SoC to pair with the user’s smartphone for trip planning and navigation

German motorcycle accessories company TILSBERK has launched a wireless display designed to attach to the user’s motorcycle or scooter helmet to provide important information for riders without taking their eyes off the road. The ‘TILSBERK Heads-Up Display’ (HUD) is easily attached and detached from the helmet and is wirelessly connected to the user’s smartphone using Bluetooth LE® wireless connectivity provided by Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 SoC. 

Bluetooth LE smartphone connectivity 

Once connected to the user’s smartphone the virtual display includes key riding metrics, including navigation prompts, lane indicators, speed limits, speed warnings, incoming calls, compass readings, smartphone charging status and time. It also offers both a satellite navigation system and a comprehensive tour planning tool. Riders can configure this layout and plan navigation routes using the corresponding TILSBERK app.   

“By eliminating the need to glance down at traditional displays or navigation devices, this product significantly enhances concentration levels and safety while riding,” explains Mirko Zabel, Team Leader Marketing at TILSBERK. “It has been designed to ensure that you still have a full view of the surroundings throughout the ride. Additionally, because the display situates the information approximately ten meters ahead of the rider, it reduces the need for motorcyclists to refocus their eyes, allowing for uninterrupted attention to the road ahead.” 

The TILSBERK HUD employs an ambient lighting sensor, allowing the device to automatically adjust brightness to best suit the ambient lighting. “This product is ideal for riders who face challenges viewing their displays without glasses or find it hard to read their phone’s screen while riding,” says Zabel. “It also serves as a space-saving solution for motorcyclists who have run out of space on their handlebars for additional mountings.” 

The Bluetooth LE connectivity is essential to the design of this device, as it removes the need for permanent installation
Mirko Zabel, Team Leader Marketing at TILSBERK
Using the two provided adaptors, the TILSBERK HUD can be attached to various types of headgear, including jet helmets, flip-up helmets, and full-face helmets (with or without visors). Weighing just 44 g, it features a magnetic helmet adaptor for easy removal and reattachment.  

“The Bluetooth LE connectivity is essential to the design of this device, as it removes the need for permanent installation, and enables the rider to quickly transfer the display between helmets,” says Zabel. “Additionally, when riding, the vibrations of the motorcycle or scooter can often disrupt the wired connections between traditional navigation devices and their charging stations. Because this HUD is wireless and battery-powered, it eliminates this issue. 


Longest Bluetooth LE battery life 

“This is also the solution with the longest battery life currently on the market,” says Zabel. “Using a rechargeable Li-Poly battery, the display can achieve up to twelve hours of battery life between charges.”  

This extended operation is made possible, thanks, in part, to the ultra-low power operating characteristics of the Nordic nRF52840 SoC. The nRF52840 has been engineered to minimize power consumption with a fully-automatic power management system. 

“The support that we received from Nordic was also excellent,” adds Zabel. “Nordic’s DevZone was especially helpful, thanks to the insightful and readily available answers we were able to find there.”