Powering peace of mind for pet owners

A Bluetooth low energy SoC from Nordic Semiconductor brings peace of mind – and a little fun – to dog owners the world over in a wearable IoT device for their pets.


The multipurpose IoT device Wonderwoof gives dog owners who spend hours away from their beloved pets the knowledge that their dog is well and getting the exercise it needs.

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Betsy Fore, Founder & CEO of Wonderwoof creators Wondermento, chose a Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth low energy SoC because of the low-power consumption and great range capability, which perfectly matched their requirements.

The device itself comes in the shape of a bowtie and connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app available for iOS and Android. The device reports back to the smartphone app on the dog’s activity, helping to address any concerns owners may have about the dog’s sleeping and exercise patterns.

Nordic has such an incredible reputation for being amazingly accessible to their clients and helping out throughout the entire process, from building the products to going to market.
The Bluetooth connectivity also enables a full location-based social network for dog owners. Through the app, users can find other Wonderwoof dogs in their area, message each other, and schedule walks. If a dog is reported missing, the entire Wonderwoof network can help to locate it.
While the market for fitness trackers has long since matured, a recent report from IDTechEx predicts that the market for similar devices for animals should reach USD $2.9 billion by 2027.