nRF24 Series Not recommended for new designs

2.4 GHz RF System-on-Chip, Transceivers and Audio Streamer

The nRF24 Series includes the nRF24L, nRF24AP2 and nRF2460 ICs.

nRF24L ICs use Nordic Semiconductor's Enhanced ShockBurst protocol (ESB), enabling the implementation of ultra-low power and high performance communication with low cost host microcontrollers.

The nRF24AP2 ICs are low-cost, high-performance 2.4 GHz ISM single-chip connectivity devices with an embedded ANT™ protocol stack.
The nRF2460 is a wireless mono audio streamer.

Find downloads for common tools like nRFgo Starter Kit (nRF6700) and nRF24L01P-EVKIT below.

Key Features
2.4 GHz
ISM band


nRF24 Series 2.4GHz Enhanced Shock Burst connectivity devices

nRF24LE1 / nRF24LE1+
Ultra-low Power Wireless System On-Chip Solution.

nRF24LU1 / nRF24LU1+ 
Single Chip 2.4 GHz Transceiver with USB Microcontroller and Flash Memory.

nRF24L01 / nRF24L01+ 
Single Chip 2.4GHz Transceiver.

nRF2460 2.4GHz 
Wireless mono audio streamer.

Single-chip ANT™ ultra-low power wireless network solution.

Single-chip ANT™ ultra-low power wireless network solution with USB2.0 interface.

nRF24 Files

nRF24L01P-EVKIT files, nRF24LE1 design files, nRF24LU1+ Reference Layout, nRF2460 Development Kit firmware and reference layout

nRF24LE1 Design

Development Tools

PC Software for nRF24 Series application development

nRFgo Studio Win32/64

Software tool for nRFgo Starter Kit and Development Kits for 32/64-bit Windows, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

nRFgo SDK 2.3

Software Development Kit for nRF24L Series 2.4GHz SoCs.


nRFProbe is a Flash and debugging tool that integrates with Keil µVision IDE

Selected version Windows 32-bit and 64-bit

Changelog: Windows 32-bit and 64-bit

nRFProbe is a Flash and debugging tool that integrates with Keil µVision IDE.



The number of bytes checked for corrupt infoPage is increased to prevent false warnings.
Bytes 0x00-0x20 are now checked and if they are all 0xff an error message is given and the programming is aborted.

nRFgo Studio product page

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nRFgo Studio

Desktop application that enables engineers to quickly explore and evaluate radio performance and functionality for Nordic nRF24L-Series SoCs, nRF8000-Series and nRF51- and nRF52-Series SoCs.

nRFgo Starter Kit (nRF6700) files

Getting started guide, starter kit module compatibility and starter kit user guide (pdf)