S310 SoftDevice

Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT protocol stack

SoftDevice S310 is a combined Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT™ protocol stack for the nRF51422 SoC, supporting concurrent operation of the two.

It is a Bluetooth 4.1 qualified protocol stack that offers concurrent Peripheral and Broadcaster operation and is a complete stack with GAP, GATT, ATT, SM, L2CAP and Link Layer. Both GATT Server and Client are supported.

It supports all ANT features and offers a variety of network topologies, including peer-to-peer, star and tree. Up to 15 individual channels are available, with broadcast, acknowledged, or burst transfer communication.

This is an old SoftDevice which is only hosted by us - please download from under the "Downloads" tab.

Key Features
Bluetooth LE/ANT
Bluetooth 4.1
Peripheral + Broadcaster
ANT channels
Network topologies


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3.0.0S310: Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT

  • ANT Stack Enable Configuration.
  • Application can configure the BLE database size in RAM.
  • The ANT featureset is based upon the S210 5.0.0 SoftDevice for the nRF51422.
  • Several other new features, changes and fixes, see release notes

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