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Comprehensive software for developing your Thread product

Thread software overview

SDK, stacks, drivers, libraries and application examples

Our software offering for Thread development is the nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee, which is a common software development kit (SDK) for Thread and Zigbee. The SDK has full support for nRF52833 and nRF52840 SoCs, while the nRF52811 SoC has limited support. The nRF52840 SoC is a Thread certified component, meaning that end-products integrating it can easily pass the Thread product certification.
Thread, nRF52840
nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee contains everything needed to get started and complete your Thread product development, including a broad selection of application examples, drivers, libraries and protocol stacks. The nRF52833 and nRF52840 SoCs are fully supported by OpenThread, and the SDK includes a pre-built OpenThread stack that is Thread 1.1 certified.

Highlighted Thread-only examples:
  • Secure OTA example - Showcases how to configure and carry out a secure over-the-air (OTA) device firmware update (DFU)
  • CLI example - Demonstrates interaction with a Thread application through a command line interface (CLI)
  • CoAP examples - A group of examples that demonstrate CoAP interactions between nodes in different roles
  • thethings.iO cloud CoAP client example - Demonstrates interaction between a Thread node and the thethings.iO cloud
  • Google Cloud Platform CoAP example - Demonstrates interaction between a Thread node and the Google cloud

Thread in a multiprotocol context

Thread and Bluetooth LE

Our solution offers the option to run multiple protocols on one SoC, either one at the time (switched multiprotocol) or concurrently (dynamic multiprotocol).

Switched multiprotocol is useful in for example smart home applications where the mesh protocol is unknown, it could be Bluetooth mesh, Thread or Zigbee. With switched multiprotocol you can develop a generic application and then adapt to the mesh protocol where the device is used. Another possibility is to leverage Bluetooth Low Energy interoperability and ubiquity together with Thread. The device is configured and commissioned with Bluetooth LE, with for example a smartphone, and then switches to the appropriate mesh protocol, it being Bluetooth mesh, Thread or Zigbee. Device firmware updates (DFU) can be carried out over Bluetooth LE, while the device typically operates with another protocol.

With dynamic protocol multiple protocols are active at the same time. The radio time is time sliced and shared between the protocols. The scheduling is autonomous and connections are maintained. Leverage Bluetooth LE interoperabilty and ubiquity and bridge into a Bluetooth mesh, Thread or Zigbee mesh with a Bluetooth LE device, such as a smartphone. Use it for commissioning or to simply interact with the mesh network.


Video: Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy

Dynamic or switched multiprotocol 

nRF5 SDK for Thread: Thread/Bluetooth Low Energy multiprotocol demo

Thread highlights

Thread Highlights topologies Multi-protocol
Self-healing network 250 kbps max (point to point) Protocol concurrency
Open standards 250+ network nodes Bluetooth LE / Thread
IPv6 Routers, end devices, sleepy end devices  
No single point of failure Advanced network topologies  

Software development kit for Thread

from Nordic Semiconductor

nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee

nRF5 SDK for Thread and Zigbee is a complete solution  for building Thread 1.1 and Zigbee 3.0 certified products. It utilizes the the multiprotocol capabilities of the nRF52833 and nRF52840 wireless SoCs. This enables single-chip application development supporting both Bluetooth LE and Thread or Zigbee, concurrently. It also has limited support for the nRF52811.

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