nRF Command Line ToolsDesktop tool

Cross-platform desktop software

The nRF Command Line Tools is used for development, programming and debugging of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF51, nRF52 and nRF91 Series devices.

• nrfjprog executable - tool for programming through SEGGER J-LINK programmers and debuggers
• mergehex executable - enables you to combine up to three .HEX files into one single file
• nrfjprog DLL - a DLL that exports functions for programming and controlling nRF51, nRF52 and nRF91 Series devices and lets developers create their own development tools using the DLLs API
• SEGGER J-Link software and documentation pack (only included in the Windows installer)

Available platforms:
• Windows 64- and 32-bit
• Linux 64- and 32-bit
• macOS

Key features
Flash Utility
nRF51, nRF52 and nRF91 Series
.hex file merging
Create own tools
Through DLL API
Windows 32/64

Choose platform and version

Choose your Desktop platform and select version (latest released version recommended)

Selected version

10.6.0 Win32



10.6.0 Win32

  • Update bundled Segger installers and tar balls to v6.60e.
  • Added support for modem firmware upgrade for nRF91 over serial port communication.
  • Fixed bug where nrfjprog could not be called from inside a folder containing utf characters.
  • Fixed issue where nrfjprog exe caused segmentation faults if an unsupported JLink Dll was loaded.
  • Documented “—log” functionality and argument option to set log file location.
  • Known issue: nRFJProg previously updated the debug probe fw without user interaction. Due to an issue with J-Link, a popup will now appear on connection if a fw update is available.

10.5.0 Win32

  • Added support for nRF5340
  • Update bundled Segger installers and tar balls to v6.54c.
  • Added rtt functionality to highleveldll

10.4.1 Win32

    • Installation of command line tools on OSX, fixed.
    • In some cases when nrfjprog was called through an indirection (ie. PATH or symlink), it could not find its local resources. Fixed.
    • For Linux and OSX, nrfdfu file had changed name. Fixed.
    • Bundled with Segger JLink version 6.50b

10.4.0 Win32

  • In devices with Trustzone, if AIRCR.SYSRESETREQS was set and the core was running NonSecure code, operations that required a call to disable_bprot could fail silently. Fixed.
  • In devices with SPU, if a page was set as NonSecure, erasepage and sectorerase failed silently. Fixed.
  • In special circumstances family detection in unknown dll could fail for nRF9160. Fixed.
  • Added MCUBoot support for Zephyr targets over serial port communication.
  • Updated Segger JLink to version 6.50b.

10.3.0 Win32

  • NRFJPROG_erase_page() now returns UNAVAILABLE_BECAUSE_BPROT if block protection is enabled for the page to erase.
  • Removed undocumented sys_reset side effect of erase_page function in nRF91 dll.

10.2.1 Win32

  • (pynrfjprog) New functions added, including modem DFU
  • (nRF-Command-Line-Tools) Fixed issue where if BPROT, ACL, SPU or other similar mechanisms were used to protect memory, program might silently fail.
  • (nRF-Command-Line-Tools) Updated ipc_dfu bootloader
  • (nrfjprog) In some special circumstances page erase would fail to erase, fixed

10.1.1 Win32

  • Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.44e
  • Added support for nRF9160
  • Added support for nRF52811
  • Added support for nRF52810 revision 2
  • Added support for nRF52840 revision 2
  • Initial release of OS X .dmg and .pkg packages
  • Initial release of Linux .deb package
  • Added module, a python API for the nrfjprog.exe-like highlevelnrfjprog library
  • Changed to Nordic 5-clause license
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

9.8.1 Win32

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.40
  • See release notes for more details

9.8.0 Win32

  • Update to Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.34g
  • Only support Windows 7 and newer versions
  • Added option to support flash hex files with address-unaligned records
  • Renamed some dll header files, se release notes for details

9.7.3 Win32

  • Windows install includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.22g
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

9.7.2 Win32

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.20i 
  • Added support for new device nRF52840_xxAA_ENGB

9.7.1 Win32

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.20b
  • Fixed bug in jlinkarm dll detection on Linux and OS X. Some cases were not covered by 9.7.0 update.

9.7.0 Win32

  • Windows install Includes Segger J-Link Software Pack v6.20b.
  • Add –ini option to nrfjprog.exe . Specifies location of nrfjprog.ini file.
  • Removed the possibility to define the QSPI settings file in the nrfjprog.ini file. Option --qspiini should be used instead.
  • Added support for nRF52832_xxAA_Rev2 and nRF52832_xxAB_Rev2 devices.
  • Fixed bug in jlinkarm dll detection in high level library on Linux and OS X. In some cases, library path was mistakenly treated as non-valid.
  • Added is_alive() and terminate() functions to multiAPI interface. Allows user to stop background MultiAPI threads and processes immediately.
  • Added NRFJPROG_get_library_info() function in HighLevel DLL. Allows readout of jlinkarm version and path to library file.
  • Added NRFJPROG_get_probe_info() function in HighLevel DLL. Allows readout of debug probe serial number, firmware version and requested clockspeed.