nRF5 SDK for Mesh

Software Development Kit for Bluetooth mesh

The nRF5 SDK for Mesh combined with the nRF52 Series is the complete solution for your Bluetooth mesh development. Use it as a foundation to quickly take advantage of the new capabilities.


  • Qualified Bluetooth mesh profile v1.0 stack
    • Advertising and GATT bearer
    • Node, Relay Node, Proxy Node and Low Power Node (experimental) role support
    • Configuration and health foundation models
  • Application models
    • Generic OnOff
    • Generic Level
    • Generic Default Transition Time
    • Generic Power OnOff
    • Simple OnOff (vendor model example)
  • Examples
    • Light Control
    • Dimming
    • EnOcean switch intergration
    • Beaconing
    • Serialization
  • Provisioning
    • Over the advertising and GATT bearer
    • Remote provisioning over relaying nodes
  • Concurrent standard GATT/GAP connections and Bluetooth mesh
    • For connectivity to smart phones and tablets
    • Beaconing
  • Support for over-the-air secure background DFU
  • Cross-platform toolchain
    • SEGGER Embedded Studio
    • CMake

nRF5 SDK for Mesh

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v3.1.0 nRF5 SDK for Mesh Software Development Kit