Nordic Thingy:91Cellular IoT prototyping platform

Multi-sensor cellular IoT prototyping platform
The Nordic Thingy:91 is an easy-to-use battery-operated prototyping platform for cellular IoT using LTE-M, NB-IoT and GPS. It is ideal for creating Proof-of-Concept (PoC), demos and initial prototypes in your cIoT development phase.

Thingy:91 is built around the nRF9160 SiP and is certified for a broad range of LTE bands globally, meaning the Nordic Thingy:91 can be used just about anywhere in the world. The cellular communication can be interleaved elegantly with GPS positioning acquisition making it perfect for sophisticated asset-tracking product ideas. The kit comes preloaded with a sophisticated asset tracking application.

The kit is packed with a multitude of sensors for motion, impact, air quality and much more. The nRF Connect SDK supports Thingy:91 and there are examples for all sensors and connectivity functionality.

There is an nRF52840 multiprotocol SoC on the Thingy:91. This offers the option of adding Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to your project ideas.

The Nordic Thingy:91 comes complete with a global use SIM card from iBasis that has a free 10 MB data plan to get you up and running immediately. The Thingy:91 and SIM can be provisioned and monitored using nRF Connect for Cloud which is Nordic Semiconductor’s cloud demonstration, evaluation and test platform.

Download PDFNordic Thingy:91 product brief [PDF]

Key features
  • Supports LTE-M, NB-IoT and GPS
  • Supports Bluetooth LE and NFC
  • User-programmable button and RGB LEDs
  • Environmental sensor for temperature, humidity, air quality and air pressure
  • Color and light sensor
  • High-g and low-power accelerometers
  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery with 1440 mAh capacity
  • Bundled with a eSIM card from iBasis preloaded with 10 MB 

Precompiled application and modem firmware

Selected version




  • Updated to nRF Connect SDK v1.1.0.
  • Added firmware over-the-air (FOTA) support for application updates and delta updates of the modem firmware.
  • Various bug and stability issues fixed.
  • See details in nRF Connect SDK v1.1.0 release notes.




Modem firmware  

Selected version

1.1.1 nRF91 firmware binaries


1.1.1 nRF91 firmware binaries

The mfw_nrf9160 is the firmware for the modem subsystem of nRF9160. It supports 3GPP LTE
release 13 Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 standards, and GPS L1C/A positioning.

Cat-M1 operation is enabled on E-UTRA Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25,
26, 28 and 66.

Cat-NB1 operation is enabled on E-UTRA Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 25, 26,
28 and 66.

This release is aligned with v1.1 of nRF91 AT command reference guide.

It is recommended to use the latest version of nRF Connect and nRF Connect Programmer tools.

1.1.0 nRF91 firmware binaries

This release represents a long list of:

  • New features
  • Changes
  • Bugfixes

Please see release notes inside .zip archive for details.


1.0.3 nRF91 firmware binaries

  • Correction for crossover scenario where device is in RRC Connected mode DRx and performs RRC
  • Connection Reconfiguration Complete with recently updated physical layer parameters.

1.0.1 nRF91 firmware binaries

  • Minor bugfix release

1.0.0 nRF91 firmware binaries

*** New functionality v1.0.0 ***
- Cat M1 operation on E-UTRA bands 18 and 19.
- Cat NB1 operation on E-UTRA bands 19.
- Support for simultaneous GNSS and LTE (M1 or NB1) system modes. GPS reception during
  LTE Power Saving Mode (PSM) active periods.
- GPS duty-cycling during continuous positioning for current consumption optimizing.
- Downgrade prevention to older firmware versions activated.
- Limited support for controlling external MIPI RFFE components (AT cmd interface).
- Support of firmware update over-the-air (FOTA).
- AT%XMONITOR command for reading modem parameters.
- IPv6 address resolution/refresh failure notification when using raw socket API.
- Radio Policy Manager (GSMA RPM for advanced handling of NAS reject scenarios).
- Support for DNS server address setting by application.
- AT%SDATAPRLF for controlling timing of periodic cell searches when UE is not registered.
- Support for AT+CGAUTH (PAP and CHAP support).

0.7.0-29.alpha nRF91 firmware binaries

0.7.0-15.alpha nRF91 firmware binaries

0.6.8-131.alpha nRF91 firmware binaries

Hardware  files

Selected version

1.0.1 Layout and BOM resources

Thingy91 - Hardware files


1.0.1 Layout and BOM resources

  • Added 3D model of casing

1.0.0 Layout and BOM resources