Enabling low-power Wi-Fi 6

Nordic Semiconductor is a leading provider of low-power wireless communication solutions, utilizing decades of ultra-low-power wireless expertise to maximize Wi-Fi’s low-power potential in various applications including home automation, smart lighting, and other IoT devices.


Why choose Nordic´s Wi-Fi solution?

icon     LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Nordic's Wi-Fi solutions are designed to minimize power consumption, making them ideal for battery-powered devices that need to operate for long periods of time on a single charge
Icon of two cogwheels     EASY INTEGRATION: Nordic's Wi-Fi solutions are designed to integrate easily into various applications and systems. Wi-Fi is fully integrated into our nRF Connect SDK making sure we have an optimal integration with our SoCs and SiPs.
icon - robust security     ROBUST SECURITY: Nordic's Wi-Fi solutions include built-in security with a complete WPA3 implementation, ensuring that devices are secure and data is kept safe.
icon     STRONG SUPPORT AND RESOURCES: Nordic provides comprehensive documentation, technical support, development tools and a Wi-Fi Fundamentals course in our Developer Academy to help you get started with your Wi-Fi project.
icon     Wi-Fi 6 certified reference design: Nordic's nRF7002 DK is Wi-Fi 6 certified, making it one of very few certified solutions in the embedded market

Software is important

Great hardware deserves great software. The nRF Connect SDK offers Wi-Fi integration and examples to get you going on your Wi-Fi project.

Familiar development

We integrating Wi-Fi into an ecosystem that unifies all our wireless technologies. Our customers receive the benefits and ease of use, that they have come to expect from Nordic and our nRF Connect SDK. Our samples allow you to test different use cases and functionalities. 


Nordic's nRF Connect SDK is our unified software development kit for building applications based on our wireless products. It is a size-optimized software for memory-constrained devices with powerful and complex software for advanced devices and applications. It integrates the Zephyr RTOS and a wide range of samples, application protocols, protocol stacks, libraries, and hardware drivers.

Software and Firmware

The nRF Connect SDK includes all the software and firmware needed to develop the best Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, Zigbee, and soon Wi-Fi Products. nRF Connect SDK offers a single code base for all our wireless devices and software components. It simplifies porting modules, libraries, and drivers from one application to another, thereby lowering development time. We enable developers to pick and choose the essential software components for their applications.

Highlights for Wi-Fi

  • The station sample demonstrates how to connect to a specified access point using DHCP.
  • The Shell sample is used to associate with, and ping any Wi-Fi-capable access point in STA mode.
  • The Wi-Fi Provisioning Service sample demonstrates how to provision a device with our Wi-Fi chipsets over Bluetooth LE.
  • The nRF Wi-Fi Provisionier app, available for iOS and Android.

You will find many useful features in our nRF Connect SDK helping you develop great Wi-Fi products with a focus on interoperability with other products.

Getting started

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Nordic Developer Academy

Wi-Fi Fundamentals course

Software development kit

nRF Connect SDK

nRF Connect SDK is a common software development kit for Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, cellular IoT, Bluetooth mesh, Thread, Zigbee and Matter. It supports all our nRF52, nRF53, nRF70 and nRF91 Series wireless devices.