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At Nordic our goal is to streamline cellular product development and support the entire product lifecycle. This is why we are integrating  the different parts of our cellular offering into a complete solution – a fully Nordic-owned and controlled offering that includes hardware, software, tools, cloud services and our world-class support. 

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Streamline Your Cellular Product Development

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We had a webinar in August 2023 where we discussed how you can leverage the nRF91 Series, nRF Connect toolchain and nRF Cloud Services to accelerate cellular product development.

The advantages of the nRF91 Series in cellular IoT

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The nRF91 Series was built from the ground up with ultra-low power consumption in mind. Our easy-to-use and globally certified solutions enable you to achieve absolute minimum time to market. Development is easy through great documentation, full software development kit support, flexible hardware, and complementary tools.

Finally, we have enabled an unprecedented level of integration by making a complete communication and application module with all relevant components in a tiny 10x16mm System-in-Package (SiP) for nRF9160 SiP and nRF9161 SiP, and 7x11mm for the nRF9131 mini SiP.

Perfect companions

Expanding your Cellular Applications with Nordic nPM Family PMICs, nRF70 Wi-Fi Companion ICs, Nordic's multiprotocol SoCs and nRF Cloud Services for Limitless Opportunities

The nRF91 Series devices stand as impressive solutions for Cellular and DECT NR+ connectivity. However, if your application requires the ability to connect with short-range devices, such as Bluetooth Low Energy or Matter applications, as well as leverage SSID-based WiFi locationing for enhanced positioning capabilities, or if it necessitates a low-power PMIC with a fuel gauge for battery monitoring in conjunction with rechargeable batteries, we offer perfect companion devices. By seamlessly integrating various components from our comprehensive product lineup, all powered by the unified nRF Connect SDK, you can effortlessly combine functionalities while enjoying the convenience of centralized support and supply.
  • PMICs and nRF91 Series

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    Powerful Power Management: The Perfect PMIC for nRF91 Series Devices for Cellular IoT Applications.

    The nPM1300 Power Management IC (PMIC) is the perfect PMIC for the nRF91 Series that utilize rechargeable batteries. This versatile PMIC offers a range of exceptional features, including a low power fuel gauge for accurate battery monitoring, an external watchdog timer for reliable system reset, and support for additional GPIOs and three extra LEDs. With the nPM1300 PMIC and nRF91 Series devices, you can optimize power management, gain real-time insight into battery life, ensure system reliability, and enhance functionality for your cellular IoT application. Unleash the full potential of your product with this powerful combination.

  • SSID Wi-Fi locationing and nRF91 Series

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    Wi-Fi Companion IC: Enhances the nRF91 Series with SSID-based Wi-Fi Location

    The nRF70 Series offers SSID-based Wi-Fi Location functionality, providing an incredibly effective method for obtaining low-power location data for devices situated both indoors and outdoors. By pairing an nRF70 Series device with an nRF91 Series device, a multitude of optional location services are available for applications utilizing the optimized nRF Cloud Location services. Depending on the desired accuracy and power consumption requirements, users can employ any combination of the following services: Assisted-GPS, Predicted-GPS, Multi-cell, Single-cell, and SSID Wi-Fi-based location services.

  • Multiprotocol SoCs and nRF91 Series

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    Empowering Short Range Technologies: Unleashing the Potential of the Nordic's multiprotocol SoCs

    The Nordic's multiprotocol SoCs, comprising nRF52nRF53, and the latest nRF54 Series, offers unparalleled capabilities to seamlessly integrate short range technologies into your cellular applications. Whether it's Bluetooth Low EnergyThreadZigbee, or Matter, these devices present an exceptional choice. Renowned for their reliability and performance, they serve as trusted solutions to elevate any cellular application that necessitates communication through various short range protocols. Moreover, these devices enable the flexibility of future-proofing your end product by leveraging Firmware over the Air updates to unlock additional functionalities.

  • nRF Cloud and nRF91 Series

    IoT Services platform optimized for the nRF91 Series

    Experience the ultimate IoT services platform tailored exclusively for the nRF91 Series, the nRF Cloud. Unlike other cloud solutions that overlook the unique requirements of low power devices and constrained protocols, nRF Cloud is specifically optimized for Nordic devices, ensuring unparalleled performance and efficiency.

    Unlock the potential of nRF Cloud and gain access to cutting-edge services designed to enhance your application. Our advanced location services offer a wide range of options, including Assisted GPS, Predicted GPS, Multicell, Singlecell, and SSID Wi-Fi-based locationing. No matter your power consumption or accuracy needs, we have you covered.

    We're excited to announce that nRF Cloud will soon support the CoAP protocol, a UDP-based network protocol specifically designed for low power devices. Whether you're using LTE-M or NB-IoT, CoAP seamlessly integrates and delivers exceptional results.

    But that's not all. nRF Cloud also provides top-notch security services and device management features to give you the utmost peace of mind. Discover the numerous benefits that await you.


Certified for global operations

nRF9160 Certifications

Our team of test and certification engineers is traveling the world to secure certifications for operations in all key regions and with all major operators.

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