DECT Forum, last mile semiconductor, Nordic Semiconductor, and Wirepas to showcase revolutionary NR+, non-cellular 5G radio standard at Hannover Messe

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DECT Forum, last mile semiconductor, Nordic Semiconductor, and Wirepas, will collectively exhibit at the 5G and Industrial Wireless Arena at Hannover Messe 2024. The focus is to demonstrate live the cutting-edge NR+ 5G standard, a revolutionary non-cellular radio technology designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial IoT applications within industrial automation, metering, and logistics. 

NR+ stands as the first non-cellular radio technology acknowledged as a 5G standard by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Engineered to democratize 5G technology, NR+ empowers enterprises to establish, manage, and own private 5G wireless IoT networks to connect millions of devices at an outstanding low cost of ownership. This groundbreaking standard is set to revolutionize the industrial IoT landscape, making robust and cost-effective private 5G solutionsaccessible to any company or organization. 

“NR+ will democratize 5G and revolutionize the industrial IoT landscape, enabling any company or organization to build a robust and cost-effective private 5G solution that meets the stringent demands of the modern digital era,” says Roel Ottink, Director Business Development at the DECT Forum. 


The NR+ radio technology 

Tailored for use cases that demand industrial-grade reliability and ultra-low latency, NR+ boasts an end-to-end packet delivery rate exceeding 99.99%. Simultaneously, it is designed to achieve a remarkable one-millisecond latency for device interactions over the radio interface. Kilometers of range and the ability to support dense network topologies make NR+ exceptionally scalable. It can seamlessly facilitate a robust network of a million devices within a square kilometer, and this network can be expanded to accommodate up to 1 million devices without compromising the integrity of communications. 

NR+ can form mesh networks that are inherently self-healing and self-organizing, ensuring uninterrupted service and adaptability. Nodes within the network can dynamically adjust their roles to optimize the network. This flexibility prevents single points of failure and helps manage the complex traffic patterns that emerge in dense IoT environments. 

Operating in the globally available and license-exempt 1.9 GHz DECT band, NR+ significantly reduces deployment expenses by obviating the need for frequency planning and operator certification. This feature simplifies the implementation process and accelerates the adoption of NR+ technology across various industries seeking the benefits of 5G connectivity. 


Join us at the Hannover Messe 

We invite all attendees to join us at Hannover Messe – hall 04, stand H06 (34) – from 22 to 26 April and experience our NR+ demo. Running in the 5G and Industrial Wireless Arena of the tradeshow it showcases Nordic’s Thingy:91 X prototyping platform running with Wirepas 5G Mesh connectivity. The demo will highlight the ultra-reliability, throughput and range of the NR+ standard, showcasing its potential for industrial IoT applications. 

Our experts will be on hand to discuss how NR+ can empower your industrial IoT applications and contribute to a sustainable future.