Europe’s largest independent IoT connectivity company, Wireless Logic, acquires Nordic cellular IoT SIM partner Arkessa

Oslo, Norway
Wireless Logic

The Arkessa brand will now benefit from its parent company’s relationship with more than 750 mobile networks and 8 million SIM subscriptions across the globe, plus even more seamless single-platform interoperability, roaming, billing, and services management

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that one of its nRF9160 System-in-Package (SiP) cellular IoT connectivity partners, Arkessa, has been acquired by an even larger independent IoT connectivity and multi-SIM management company, Wireless Logic Group.

Wireless Logic Group is said to have over 8 million IoT subscriptions active in over 165 countries, with collaborative partnerships that reach into more than 750 mobile networks across the globe. This includes direct access to 75 cellular Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks in 45 countries within Europe alone for both the NB-IoT and LTE-M flavors of cellular IoT wireless technology.

Although the Arkessa brand will remain for now, with its LPWA network expertise fully retained, Wireless Logic Group says the acquisition will give Nordic customers a “super-charged” expansion in global network access and an even wider choice of cellular IoT data and connectivity options.

A new thing, device or asset is connected to Wireless Logic’s IoT connectivity platform, SIMPro, every 18 seconds of every day
Kieran Chury, Wireless Logic Group

“I would like to reassure Nordic customers that Wireless Logic is an extremely well-established, 20-year old company that organizations and businesses from governments to global enterprises trust to reliably and securely connect their IoT deployments,” comments Kieran Chury, Business Development Manager at Wireless Logic Group.

Chury continues: “A new thing, device or asset is connected to Wireless Logic’s IoT connectivity platform, SIMPro, every 18 seconds of every day. And although Wireless Logic is a predominantly cellular-focused connectivity company we also have satellite partners that help provide provisioning services around the world. And a partnership with Google to provide mapping services to customers that need it. We also maintain a very strong, overriding focus on security.”

“Bottom line: what Nordic cellular IoT customers really want is seamless global interoperability everywhere from a single SIM,” states Kristian Sather, Nordic Product Manager for Cellular IoT. “And after that they want the ability the manage all their global SIMs in the field from a single portal. The Wireless Logic Group acquisition of Arkessa is a massive step in that direction.”

Although Wireless Logic is headquartered out of the U.K., it also has local offices in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy, and China. Brands include U.K.-based Arkessa, Germany-based Mdex, Italy-based Things Mobile, Norway-based COM4, Austria-based Data Mobile, and Matooma in France.