A1 Digital joins Nordic Semiconductor’s Partner Program as a cellular IoT solution partner

Oslo, Norway
A1 Digital

The company’s cellular connectivity expertise can help developers using Nordic’s nRF9160 SiP accelerate time to market

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Munich, Germany-based IoT and ICT Cloud solutions company, A1 Digital, has joined the Nordic Partner Program (NPP) as a Solution Partner. The partnership will provide Nordic customers developing solutions based on its nRF9160 low power System-in-Package (SiP) access to A1 Digital’s expertise across hardware, firmware, and cellular connectivity to enable them to bring their cellular IoT products to market faster.

Part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe with around 25 million customers, A1 Digital’s primary focus is on managed connectivity, asset management, machine learning and security across the retail, logistics, construction, and manufacturing sectors. The company has developed nRF9160 SiP-based demos and a reference application that fully integrate with the company’s ‘A1 Digital IoT Center’ back-end using LwM2M (Lightweight Machine 2 Machine) as the primary protocol. 

The fact A1 Digital is also a part of A1 Telekom Austria brings extra value to the partnership
Lorenzo Amicucci, Nordic Semiconductor

Turnkey IoT platform

The A1 Digital IoT Center is a turnkey platform that provides developers with everything they require to power their IoT product from device-to-Cloud. The company provides documentation, examples, and tutorials to connect a device to the platform and to visualize data, ideal for companies and Nordic customers who want to get their product connected fast and easily, without having to start development from scratch.

“As a key player in the area of wireless technology for the IoT, Nordic Semiconductor is a great partner to A1 Digital to enhance our portfolio,” says Judith Pertl, Head of Digital Solutions and Platforms at A1 Digital. “Together we offer the complete toolchain, from the chip-to-the-Cloud with expert know-how on top. This collaboration will ensure a great digital experience for our customers.”

“Nordic is very happy to partner with an innovative and IoT-oriented cellular player such as A1 Digital,” says Lorenzo Amicucci, Business Development Manager, Nordic Semiconductor. “A1 Digital has fully embraced the flexibility provided by the nRF9160 SiP’s and nRF Connect SDK’s software-oriented approach to development. This has enabled A1 Digital to develop and offer software libraries and examples with important features like data encoding, device management, and over-the-air firmware updates so customers can get connected quickly and focus on their business application.

“The fact A1 Digital is also a part of A1 Telekom Austria brings extra value to the partnership and further expands Nordic’s ecosystem of MNOs and cellular partners.”

Driving wireless technology

The NPP is an ecosystem of companies with experience of Nordic’s solutions that will drive greater adoption of wireless technology and help the company’s customers bring their wireless products to market faster. Companies already working with Nordic wishing to become NPP Design or Solution partners should contact their Nordic sales representative. Following the qualification process, members can leverage Nordic Semiconductor marketing channels and gain access to dedicated technical resources including training and roadmaps.