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nRF5340 SoC
30 Sep 2020

Nordic Semiconductor to ship its billionth Arm Cortex-M based wireless SoC in October

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Nordic Web Conference
20 Feb 2020

Monday Feb 24 will cover cellular IoT development on the Nordic Thingy:91; Tuesday Feb 25 an overview of Nordic’s latest nRF5340 dual core S...

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: Zerynth brings Python programming to the nRF52840
04 Mar 2019

Zerynth IoT middleware enables developers to use high-level programming language to program nRF52840 SoC for rapid integration with sensors,...

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nRF52811 SoC
26 Feb 2019

The Nordic nRF52811 SoC builds on the success of Nordic’s nRF52 Series platform and brings greater levels of accessibility for applications ...

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nRF9160 SiP
25 Feb 2019

Nordic’s cellular IoT module gains Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certification scheme, PSA Certified Level 1 certification to imp...

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