Investor relations policy

Nordic Semiconductor will serve its shareholders with precise and relevant information to ensure that the company’s share price reflects its underlying values and future prospects.

The Board of Directors (the Board) of Nordic Semiconductor (Nordic or the Company) has adopted an investor relations (IR) policy, establishing guidelines for the Company’s communication with the financial community. Below are the key elements of the policy:

  • Relevant and accurate information will promptly and timely be provided to the financial community, always based on equal treatment and transparency
  • Nordic aims to disclose correct and relevant information on the Company’s performance, operations, results, strategy and outlook
  • IR activities are conducted by the IR team only. The team includes the Head of IR, the CFO and the CEO as well as other personnel appointed by the team.
  • The Board does not engage in operational IR work or act as IR spokespersons
  • Any communication between the Board and shareholders outside the general meeting will be headed by the Chair and should be aimed at collecting feedback to improve decision making
  • Communication with the financial community is conducted via public disclosures, meetings, presentations, incoming inquiries and news on the corporate website
  • Management participates regularly in meetings with investors, analysts and media representatives and the Company hosts open presentations in connection with its financial reporting
  • The Company shall have a guiding policy, which is subject to board approval. The main principles of the guiding policy will be communicated to the investor community and changes
  • A silent period applies three weeks prior to the release of the quarterly financial reports, where contact with analysts, investors and journalists will be minimized and spokespersons will make no comments on or discuss matters related to the Company’s operations, financial performance or expectations
  • Nordic complies with Oslo Børs’ Code of Practice and all information is provided in English.