Make it Matter Design Contest

Create an innovative, human-centered, Matter-ready smart home application and win prizes.

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Nordic is excited to launch the Make it Matter contest in collaboration with and the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

In the Make it Matter contest, we are featuring the newly released nRF7002 Development Kit, which combines Nordic’s ultra-low power technologies with Wi-Fi 6 capability, supporting all wireless protocols used in Matter: Bluetooth LE for commissioning, Thread for low-power mesh, and Wi-Fi for high-throughput.

If you choose to develop with Matter over Thread and have available hardware, you may build your project on the nRF5340 Development Kit or the Nordic Thingy:53.

Participants are encouraged to discover possibilities for enhancing the efficiency of navigation, mobility, and communication, particularly with a focus on aiding the elderly, disabled, or children. By applying your engineering skills and expertise, we can create innovative solutions that elevate the quality of life within our households and promote enhanced well-being for all.

Contest deadline extended!

After evaluation of the current contest process from mid-contest survey results, on-going discord discussions, and numerous requests, we have decided to extend the submission deadline. This means it is still time for new participants to join, and for current participants to make final adjustments to their projects.

Submission due January 14th, 2024
Winner announcement January 30th, 2024

Submit your project by January 14th, 2024

Get your Free Hardware

We have shipped out 100 bundles of nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 Development Kit and nRF52840 Dongle to 100 lucky HW applicants.

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The contest gives out (100) nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 Development Kits and an nRF52840 Dongle. Hardware applications are now closed.

The nRF7002 DK is the development kit for the nRF7002, and nRF7001  Wi-Fi 6 Companion ICs. It contains everything needed to get started developing on a single board. The DK features an nRF5340 multiprotocol System-on-Chip (SoC) as a host processor for the nRF7002. The DK supports the development of low-power Wi-Fi applications and enables Wi-Fi 6 features like OFDMA, Beamforming, and Target Wake Time.


What  When
Contest begins September 1, 2023
Applications for hardware close September 29, 2023
Hardware recipients announced October 5, 2023
Submissions close January 14, 2024
Winners announced by January 30, 2024



1st Prize:
Virtual gift card + swag


2nd Prize:
Virtual gift card + swag


3rd Prize:
Virtual gift card + swag 


10 Runner-up winners:
T-shirt, swag + surprise HW

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Wild Card:
Smart Home Hub ($500 value)


Unifying the Smart Home Market

Matter: The new standard that unifies the smart home market

The smart home market is relatively new and has enormous potential. Matter is a standardized application layer foundation that aims to make it easy for developers to create a secure and reliable solution.

Matter is an open standard protocol championed by Apple, Amazon, Google, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung, and hundreds of other companies in consumer IoT. This unified initiative aims to create an interoperable ecosystem among different manufacturers and brands by streamlining the intricate development process of building and integrating smart home devices, thus empowering developers to concentrate on the applications and experiences.

Handy video resources

Getting started with the nRF7002 DK

Nordic Developer Academy courses

Webinar: Introduction to Matter