CES 2024

January 9-12


Las Vegas

We're back at CES, and 2024 promises to be an incredible year for innovation! We are excited as we gear up to showcase our latest advancements. Come by to find out how we enable our customers to build the most innovative products on the market. Use this opportunity to set up a meeting with specialists or management.

We will bring several exciting demos with us. We have the most comprehensive Matter demo to date, showcasing Apple and Google ecosystem coexistence. The demo includes devices from Eve Systems, Yale, Tridonic, LEEDARSON and will show a Bluetooth LE to Matter bridge. This is also your chance to see our new nRF54H Series devices that recently broke records, achieving twice the energy efficiency and performance of the second-best in their device category. 

Are you more interested in the future of Bluetooth Audio and AURACAST? Our Bluetooth LE Audio demo shows next-level power efficiency and broadcasting features.

Just like usual, we're dedicated to pushing low-power wireless boundaries. CES 2024 is where we show our commitment to innovation.

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